Get Your Lineup Ready: Feature Friday

Game day is here! Before taking the field, court, or whichever surface your team competes on, a coach must decide who on the team will put their best foot forward. In team sports, this requires a starting lineup. TeamSnap has developed a Lineup feature that allows coaches to make and share lineups easily.

As a player, finding out seconds before you step onto the field can be difficult. While some coaches prefer to wait minutes before to share with the team, TeamSnap’s Lineup feature allows coaches the opportunity to share and better prepare the team ahead of time. The Lineup feature pairs with the roster and assignment feature as well in terms of assigning players to the lineup! You can sync with the availability feature to set your lineups from the players who RSVP’d for the game.

Don’t worry about generating your own fields for specific positions, within the app you can choose from preset positions for soccer, football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. If you don’t see your sport, have no fear you can create custom positions for other sports!

You have the option within the app if you’d like to share the lineup with your team or if you’d rather save and then share at a later time. This allows you the opportunity to decide what works for your group. If you want to save the lineup, but share at a later point – no problem. If you do choose to notify the group, this is an easy way to get everyone ready for game day and on the same page.

“This app makes it really easy to communicate with your team for everything from organizing the schedule to last-minute cancellations or schedule changes. It allows you to track availability and makes setting your lineup easy so there are no surprises,” Matthew F.

Another important part of the lineup feature is differentiating between a practice roster vs a game or event roster. For some teams, not everyone can attend all games or tournaments due to roster sizes. When you are adding events to your schedule, you can specify a game or event roster lineup to let members know which events they need to attend and are attending.  Coaches and administrators can use lineups to publish batting order, field positions, and even 1 vs. 2 singles or doubles in a tennis match – the options go on and on!

Here’s how you can create a game day roster lineup using IOS.

Here’s how you can create a game day roster lineup using Android

As an admin or coach, you also have the capabilities to make any edits as they come up. Say a player gets sick last minute or needs to change their availability, no problem. Follow these steps to make any edits to the lineup and notify the group.

Does the lineup feature sound like something that would benefit your team? Learn more today!

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