Feature Friday: Stay Connected With TeamSnap Live!

You may have heard the phrase: FOMO, also known as fear of missing out. TeamSnap knows the feeling and that’s why we’ve created a feature called TeamSnap Live! that allows anyone to share live game experiences and moments with the entire team. It’s up to you how you want to use it, but you can set the game clock, post updates, scores, sideline banter, play-by-plays, videos and photos.

Just because everyone on the team can’t make the game, doesn’t mean they have to miss a thing. Depending on the sport you play, the Live! feature can cater to your needs. Period updates, half-time scores, goals, baskets, free-kicks, the list goes on. Get the entire community involved and see many ways you can highlight the game.

Did you know you can even involve the sidelines? With team crowdsourced real-time updates, TeamSnap Live! eliminates the need for one person to take on the task of score-boarding.

“TeamSnap Live! has been a great resource for parents who can follow the games even when they’re not physically there. It’s great to have that live interaction and ask questions without having to wait until after the game,” Wesley Houston, hockey team manager.

TeamSnap Live! gives coaches, team managers, parents and spectators the power to update game scores, recap plays and add color commentary in real time from their smartphones.

Are you interested in learning more about TeamSnap’s features? Check back in every Friday for a “Feature Fridays” series. Learn about assigning tasks, scheduling, payment, health checks, and more.

Watch this video below about TeamSnap Live!

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