Feature Friday: Statistics Tracker

You don’t have to be a ‘stats person’ to appreciate a collection of sports data. Statistics allow teams to track progress, learn from previous performances, and also share highlights. With TeamSnap, there’s a Statistics Tracker feature which allows teams to easily view stat leaders for goals scored, batting average, free throw percentage, red zone efficiency, and more.

If you’re someone who likes to crunch numbers, you can even use one of the easy-to-use custom features to capture all the important stats and easily create calculated statistical formulas on the fly.

With the stat feature, TeamSnap puts the power in the teams to figure out what important stats they want to track. If you’re interested in creating a new stat, here’s how to get started. In addition to creating whichever stats you want to keep note of, you also can make a customizable view so you can see patterns clearly and learn from performances. A customizable view could be used to see player stats, team stats, team leaders, game stats, and more.

With many teams, clubs, and leagues stats are available for viewing by all. It is usually a quick visit to the team’s online site or social media to find out what players are performing well and what the team’s record is. With TeamSnap, the stat feature can actually be set to private if that’s what the team organizer or coach wants. This means that if it’s a youth team or a recreational team and the focus is mainly on fun and learning, perhaps having the stats on private is a good thing.

Coaches can cater the training and plan to meet the players’ needs without the pressure of numbers and tracking at the very beginning of their development. Whatever is best for your group is your call, but we’re just here to let you know that there are options!

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