Everything You Need To Know About COVID-19 Waivers and Registration Insurance

As summer approaches, we naturally start to think of our favorite sports events and leagues. But as the COVID-19 pandemic continues into 2021, that anticipation is mixed with uncertainty for parents and sports organization administrators. Given the unusual circumstances, it’s important that all involved are aware of the expectations for the coming season. The best place to start managing those expectations is at registration. Here’s a quick guide to a registration process that encourages sign-ups and builds confidence in your community.


A Liability Waiver That Works For All Parties

The liability waiver is often overlooked by administrators and parents alike, but it’s one of the most important documents in the official operations of an event or sports organization.

It’s paramount that your waiver incorporates the expectations and guidelines that are most relevant to your sports organization and community. Clear communication of expectations is even more important in the COVID era when circumstances are unstable and confusion among members is likely. Administrators who opt for boilerplate waivers leave themselves and their organization vulnerable to liability issues and potential litigation.

Protecting your organization is a priority, but a well-written waiver is just as much about protecting participants and giving parents peace of mind. If you’re not sure what conditions to include on your club or leagues waiver, here are a few items TeamSnap addresses for the coming season:


Health screening processes and protocols:

  • Policies or agreements to stay home if sick/recently exposed
  • Cancelations due to COVID-19
  • Cancelations due to government-mandated closures
  • COVID-19 refund policy

TeamSnap’s registration solution also allows administrators to build electronic waivers and any other registration documents. They can then send these documents to members, who can sign and return them — all in one location. As members return the documents electronically, TeamSnap keeps a record of who has agreed to the terms, the date and time of signature, and the signature type.  


Registration Insurance

Sports organizations commonly include no-refund policies on registration fees, which in some cases cost members thousands of dollars. COVID-19 has only increased the uneasiness many parents feel when forking over these fees. Whether it’s their child’s health or their own job status, parents understand that their circumstances can change at any moment, putting their sports season and even their financial stability at risk.

Registration insurance is an option for sports organization members who want to insure their non-refundable registration fee in case their child is unable to participate due to a covered peril. Registration insurance commonly covers registration costs in the event the insured is unable to participate due to illness, injury, or the parent being called to active duty.

TeamSnap has partnered with Next Wave Insurance Services who offers the RegSaver policy to all registrants this season. RegSaver, backed by AIG, can offer reimbursement of a member’s non-refundable sign-up fee for the following covered perils including but not limited to:

  • Illness
  • Injury- on or off the field
  • Death in family 
  • Active military service for parent/guardian
  • And others (subject to limitations and exclusions, please refer to policy complete description of coverage)

RegSaver’s policy coverage can also apply to potential scenarios involving the COVID-19 pandemic.  Their full policy on information on covered perils and exclusions (and what is not covered) relative to COVID-19, should be read here and is broken down by single and multi-event, listed below:


Single Event Policy (for a tournament, camp or showcase)

  • Participant is unable to get to their camp or tournament due to government-mandated shut down of air or train travel
  • The insured is ill and cannot play
  • Parental involuntary job loss
  • Extended school year for primary or secondary school


Multi-Event (for a sports season)

  • The insured is ill and cannot play
  • Parental involuntary employer-initiated job transfer within the same organization

We understand that preparing for this summer season is worrisome for both administrators and parents. But the best way to build confidence in your organization is through clear communication, and that starts during registration. Building a well-thought-out liability waiver as well as offering an option for registration insurance allows administrators and parents to work together at a time when teamwork is needed most.

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