An Impactful Year in Review: TeamSnap Impact

As we look back on 2022, one of TeamSnap’s biggest accomplishments of the year is launching TeamSnap Impact, a community impact program dedicated to leveling the playing field for young athletes in underserved communities. TeamSnap Impact is committed to enhancing the lives of kids by creating a world where youth sports programs are accessible and equitable for all.

We’d like to take a look back at some TeamSnap Impact moments, events and partnerships that have set the foundation for a program that is devoted to making an impact in local communities around the world. These efforts are to address the growing number of challenges facing youth as they participate in sports. TeamSnap Impact is focused on breaking down barriers to participation, making it possible for all to participate.

Let’s reflect and prepare to build for a new amazing year ahead! 

The Launch 

June 7, 2022, TeamSnap Impact hit the ground running as it officially launched. Lance Lee, Director of TeamSnap Impact, has been fundamental in laying the groundwork for this new program. “Our aim with TeamSnap Impact is to leverage our deep roots within youth sports to make a real and tangible impact on underserved youth,” Lee, with more than 15 years of experience leading non-profit sports organizations, said. “With this approach, we’ll be able to foster positive change in communities around the world through increased access to quality sports programs.” Since joining TeamSnap in October 2021, Lee has been building relationships and setting the roadmap for TeamSnap Impact to maximize its influence through the pillars of policy, technology grants, and direct funding.

Philadelphia Youth Basketball Association Becomes First Tech Grant 

TeamSnap Impact is committed to helping teams and sports programs build stronger communities and increase participation with the aid of their world-class team management technology. The first technology grants were provided to Philadelphia Youth Basketball (PYB) and Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative (PYSC). TeamSnap Impact is offering a two-year technology grant to PYB and discounted packages to PYSC organizations that qualify to help them improve participation, communication and coordination of events.

We’re dedicated to supporting those in need through scholarships and monetary grants, as well as technology grants to gain access to our world-class team management software. If you could benefit from this support, we encourage you to apply!

Philly Youth Basketball’s “Lace Up & Learn Up” Summer Camp Series

TeamSnap enabled 100 kids to participate in Philadelphia Youth Basketball‘s “Lace Up & Learn Up” Summer Camp Series. During TeamSnap week, participants not only enhanced their skills on the court, but also had off-the-court personal development opportunities with presentations on financial literacy and money management.

Youth Sports Policy Through Partnerships

TeamSnap Impact is dedicated to being an active leader in the formulation of the high-level policy, regulations, guidelines, and plans affecting youth sports. With the aim to shape youth sports policy, TeamSnap Impact has partnered with leading organizations in the youth sports space, including Aspen Institute’s Sport & Society Program, Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), and PLAY Sports Coalition. To drive the conversation, TeamSnap CEO Peter Frintzilas serves on the PLAY Sports Coalition Board of Directors and Lance Lee on the PCA National Leadership Council.

Check out the PLAYS in Youth Sports Act Toolkit and follow along during a town hall meeting to go over updates for the PLAYS Act this past August. #Unite2PLAY

A Live Webinar Moment on Mental Health and Inclusion in Youth Sports

Be sure to watch the recorded webinar below about how the pandemic has forced us to revamp how we think about and act on mental health and inclusion in youth sports. This webinar was hosted by TeamSnap in collaboration with Sports Business Journal, Aspen Institute, and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

The conversation was moderated by Eileen Silvergleid, CRO at Leaders Group Sports. Taking part in the discussion was TeamSnap’s Director of Community Impact, Lance Lee; Marty Fox, Project Play 2024 Lead at Aspen Institute Sports & Society; and Marti Reed, former D1 Athlete, Director of National Partnerships & DEI Programming Manager at Positive Coaching Alliance.

“Part of my job, is addressing the issue of affordability,” Lee said during the webinar. “When you look at the biggest barriers to sport, whether it’s a sport like tennis or a sport like basketball or baseball, with the prevalence of AAU and travel, and private coaches and fields, and nutritionists and college videos, the cost of just playing sports even pre-pandemic has increased exponentially. So it’s not just those elite-level sports, it’s with all sports.”

Watch below and read a recap from the event.

Kicking and Smiling at the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association “Let’s Play!” Event

The Let’s Play! program at Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) is an after-school initiative designed to transform the lives of participants while positively impacting underserved communities. This safe, character-building, community-supported program helps to teach social and emotional skills while fighting obesity and related illnesses. Under TeamSnap Impact’s partnership with MSYSA’s Olympic Development Program, TeamSnap will provide discounts and services for MSYSA’s 145+ clubs/leagues, 65,000+ athletes, and 10,000+ coaches in Maryland. TeamSnap is also now a tournament technology provider for MSYSA and its clubs.

“From the first moment we connected with TeamSnap, it was clear that their goals aligned with MSYSA’s mission, which is to grow the game and transform lives,” said Gandalf French, Technical Director for MSYSA. “This partnership with TeamSnap will be helping to reduce participation barriers through our Let’s Play! program, improving access to technology to assist our members, and providing smoother communication for our ODP families.”

TeamSnappers volunteered at MSYSA’s “Let’s Play!” event by assisting coaches, helping out with soccer drills, kicking the ball around with kids and handing out snacks.

TeamSnap Partners With Special Olympics Colorado

In September, TeamSnap announced a partnership with Special Olympics Colorado aimed to make a bigger difference in the lives of all athletes.

“Special Olympics Colorado is part of the Special Olympics family, which is one of the world’s leading advocates for ending discrimination against and fostering belonging for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, while also empowering them to take control of their own health through the power of sport,” said Peter Frintzilas, CEO of TeamSnap. “TeamSnap stands united with SOCO on these missions, and we look forward to seeing the results of our integration, through one SOCO athlete’s smile at a time.”

There were a couple of SOCO events TeamSnappers attended throughout the year!

Special Olympics Colorado State Flag Football Tournament

The tournament hosted flag football teams of various age groups and competition levels from all over Colorado at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

“The energy was electric, the fans were cheering loud and the competitiveness was off the charts as teams played for gold,” Kate Rampone, MBA, Marketing Campaign & Program Manager at TeamSnap said.

2022 Hall of Fame Luncheon

TeamSnappers were on site to experience the luncheon event which inducted athletes, coaches, and sponsors into the Special Olympics Colorado Hall of Fame.

Positive Coaching Alliance 2022 National Double-Goal Coach® Award Winners

As part of our ongoing partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), we are proud to announce the national recipients and winners of PCA’s 2022 National Double-Goal Coach® Award. During a time where positive impact has been needed more than ever, we are so impressed by the positivity, impact, and mentorship these coaches have had on their student-athletes.

The Double-Goal Coach® Award, now in its 21st year, is one of the highest honors a U.S. youth sports coach can receive. Positive Coaching Alliance works to provide all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience. The Double-Goal Coach® Award recognizes coaches who go above and beyond, pursuing not just wins, but the more important goal of teaching life lessons through sports.

Breasha Pruitt named 2022 Coach of the Year!

And many more to come!

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