Adult Sports Leagues and Teams Rely On TeamSnap To Keep Things Easy and Fun

As an adult playing in a sports league, you’re likely looking for an outlet. Your desk job, 9-5, or home-life obligations are left behind when you step onto the field, court, or gymnasium. You get to play with your friends and tap into the child you once were. Almost every sport out there fields an adult league these days. If you head to any park in New York City you’ll likely see an adult soccer league, softball game, frisbee, flag football, and the list goes on. Now, because adults have a complex life filled with obligations, adult leagues aren’t supposed to make any of this harder.

That’s where TeamSnap comes in. TeamSnap is proud to serve adult leagues all across North America. With TeamSnap, all sports are created equal and the app was built to serve any sport.

In order for an adult league to run properly, players must know when to arrive, where to go, and what to bring. TeamSnap does all of this. Don’t worry about a massive group chat, a Facebook group, or tedious emails to schedule games, just head over to the TeamSnap app to see when practices and games are, where they are (a map feature is included), and drop a note in the chat if you don’t know what color uniform to wear.

What’s Included?

From team chat, last-minute alerts and scheduling – to assignments, payment collection and real-time game sharing – we offer a variety of features and plans tailored to fit your adult league or teams needs.

Know where to go, who’s going, and when:

Another fun part of adult leagues are capturing the moments that may not be as graceful now as they once were. Even if your form is lacking or stride isn’t as quick, on TeamSnap app you can share photos and videos, track stats, and keep tabs on the game right from your phone.

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