7 Core Values of Youth Sports

Sometimes it’s necessary for coaches to go back to the basics when teaching skills in youth sports. This is how you throw. This is the best hitting technique. This is how to do a lay-up.

I think it’s time for us to go back to the basics in youth sports by naming the core values of what parents and coaches should really be doing in the world of competition. These are the basics that we must remember, the core values that should guide the youth sports journey.

Youth PitchersCore Value #1 Youth sports is not an end, but a means to an end.

It is a golden opportunity to teach character that will impact young athletes for life.

Core Value #2 Youth sports should always be fun.

There will be hard work too, of course, but kids must enjoy it or they will not keep playing. Kids can learn many good things while having fun.

Core Value #3 Youth athletes are better together.

Teamwork will always make each individual player better.

Core Value #4 Youth sports should raise humble leaders.

Leaders that are worth following are those who are servant leaders. They support everyone on the team and are not consumed with themselves.

Core Value #5 Youth athletes should be better people after the experience.

Better athletes, more skilled, a better understanding of the game—yes to all of those. But also better human beings who’ve learned to have compassion, be patient and work hard.

Core Value #6 Youth sports is for everyone.

Regardless of race, economic status, or ability, if a  child wants to play, then let’s find a way for that happen!

Core Value #7 Youth sports is for the kids, not the adults.

Parents and coaches must keep their egos, private ambitions and issues out of youth sports. Let the kids play!

Wishing you a great year of youth sports in 2018 with these core values at the foundation of all you do!

Janis B. Meredith, sports mom and coach’s wife, writes a sports parenting blog called jbmthinks.com. Her new book, 11 Habits for Happy and Positive Sports Parents, is on Amazon.

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