5 Ways To Improve Your Time Management

Time management is a skill important in all aspects of life. For student-athletes, understanding how to best utilize time is a something that will only help them in their academic, social, and athletic commitments. So, how do you master time management? TeamSnap has compiled 5 ways to help improve a student-athlete’s time management.

  1. Make a priority list. If you make a list of priorities, you’ll be able to move in a smarter more efficient way. For student-athletes, TeamSnap suggests creating one list for your academic priorities and another one for your athletic priorities.
  2. Put everything in a calendar. Depending on what works for you, get a calendar and make sure it’s updated. Most cellphones have calendar apps, but you can also go back to basics and write everything out on one of those desk-sized calendars. It helps to see how your days are mapped out, it’ll help you figure out your free-time and off days!
  3. Schedule out time for homework. If you scheduled out your practices and classes already, you’re one step closer. One additional recommendation would be to schedule out time, perhaps 1-2 hours a day for homework and additional projects. This will help you prioritize and use that time as scheduled to get more work done.
  4. Lean on your professors and coaches. When we say lean, we don’t mean physically lean on your teachers and coaches. But, what we do mean is don’t be afraid to speak up about your schedule, current commitments, challenges and excitements in both your sport and education. Your professors and coaches want to see you succeed, so being open about where you’re at can only help them help you with your athletic and academic journey. [Read more in Coaches’ Corner]
  5. Schedule time to reset and rest. When you are constantly on the go and balancing school and athletics, it’s easy to feel like there is no time to rest and recover. Even though it may sound silly, put that in your calendar. Schedule out time for you and see how it helps with the rest of your time management and life. Likely, by taking that extra 30 minutes in the morning to relax may actually help you fully dive in and use your time more wisely throughout the day. [5 Ways to Power Up for Any Sport]

Let us know what ways you are working on your time management! We’d love to hear what tips and tricks you have to balancing the time as a student-athlete.

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