5 Reasons Off-Season Training Can Help Your Young Athlete

Off-season refers to the period of time when your young athlete’s sports team isn’t in the main season. Depending on where you live in the country, different sports may be in season at different times. Off-season training is a great opportunity for young athletes to prioritize learning new skills, improving weaknesses, dedicating more time to proper form, and learning the importance of strength training and mobility. TeamSnap has put together several resources to help young athletes stay fit, engaged, and committed to sports even during the offseason. Here are five reasons why off-season training can help your young athlete in all aspects of their sports goals.


Off-season training is a great way to keep young athlete’s sharp and committed to their goals. While there is less pressure to perform and compete like during the regular season, the off-season period allows for much more balance and and time to dedicate towards personal goals. Even when your youth athlete’s season ends, you want to make sure they still have something to look forward to, a reason to continue working hard, and a support system. By dedicating time to set goals, train, and workout with friends your athlete’s mindset will stay stimulated which will help their transition into pre-season when it comes.


There is plenty of time to focus on the basics of your athlete’s sport during the off-season. Understanding the basics doesn’t necessarily mean going through the motions of the skills your child learned years ago, but rather honing in on the parts of your athlete’s specific sport that can always get better. If you child plays soccer, there is nothing quite like juggling. This is a fundamental skill that is often taught early on in recreational soccer and is used throughout all levels of the sport. Use the off-season time to become a great juggler. Commit the time that you didn’t have when the season was in full swing with practices and games to perfect your touch and keep the ball up.


The off-season is a great time for athletes that have been non-stop to take some time to remember what they actually love about the sport. If your child is a baseball player, but has been traveling all over during the season, practicing five times a week and out of town every weekend, allow your kid to remember what they love about baseball. When athletes train during the off-season they naturally gravitate to their favorite parts of the sport they play. Encourage that passion. Even if they are just throwing the ball against the wall; a change from the disciplined high-intensity practices during the regular season, it’s still a fundamental skill that makes your child happy.

Improved strength

A lot of athletes work on their strength and mobility during the off-season. Heavy lifting and certain movements are more difficult to master during the intense regular season months, so when there is time, it’s great for athletes to work on their overall strength. Strength training can help prevent injuries and enhance their overall performance.


When there are no stadium lights, college recruiters, or tryouts to go to, it’s very much on the athlete to work towards certain goals that will fulfill them. Athletes all can benefit from self-confidence, and during the off-season it is the perfect time to find more confidence through repetition, self-observation, and self-talk. There will be hurdles because likely your child won’t have teammates and coaches around as often, but this will allow them to turn within.

Off-seasoning training can set your athlete up for success for their next season by developing their skills, keeping them sharp, happy, and teaching them discipline.

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