5 Different Types Of Sports Fans

Sports fans: We know them, we (certainly) hear them, and we love them.

Whether it’s a youth baseball game or a professional basketball game, fans are a key part of creating a lasting, memorable, and an enjoyable sport environment. Without fans there would be no such thing as sports. Fans buy tickets, watch games online and on television, purchase merchandise and show up even when the weather is poor. Fans represent loyalty, community, and un-wavered support. In the youth sports space, fans are often family members who do anything possible to allow their child the chance to play a sport they love. Here are 5 different types of sports fans you may experience in any season and with any sport.

  1. The Wears-All-The-Merch Fan: Most youth sports teams have unique colors along with a logo and team swag that gives the squad their own identity. For clubs with their own team shops, this is a perfect opportunity for parents and family members to represent their child star. There’s always one super-fan or super-parent that has everything but the child’s jersey to rock at games. If there’s a team scarf – that fan has it! If there’s a fat head – that parent also has it! Keep an eye out at games, because that super-fan will be hard to miss. [Create a customized store with your team’s colors and logo.]
  2. The Can-Rally-Everyone Fan: You know that one fan who can send a group text, send a mass email, or drop a note in the TeamSnap chat that reminds everyone that there’s a game today!? That’s the kind of fan you want and probably have on your team. There always needs to be someone who knows how to get the group to show up, cheering, laughing, and planning a great post-game meal.
  3. The Rain-Or-Shine Fan: Bad weather, no problem. This fan will show up no matter how cold the temperature is or how much snow is covering the field. This kind of commitment is a great reminder to everyone just how important having people show up for you is.
  4. The I’m-Here-For-The-Social-Part Fan: Some fans just really love the post-game potlucks, half-time orange duty and everything and anything social. These fans bring a lot to the group because of their social commitment and community aspect. Even though they may be a team supporter because of the community surrounding the game, they still show up and do a great job keeping the crew together.
  5. The “I-Played-This-Sport” Fan: There’s always one fan who’s played the sport they are cheering for and know everything and more about it. Even though playing a sport at one time does warrant the right to spread some knowledge, this super fan rarely holds back from sharing mid-game tactics and hypothetical plot twists.

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So much greatness comes from the people who make up the stands, the carpool caravans, live-tweeting, and more. The desire to cheer for your child and be a fan of someone you love or someone you know and believe in can transform teams and clubs. In youth sports, parents are often the super fans and because of them we see young athletes go on and achieve amazing things. Support goes a long way and fandom runs deep!

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