5 Benefits Young Athletes Can Gain From Attending Summer Sports Camps

Summer sports camps are another way for young athletes to continue to improve as athletes while also developing mentally and socially. Wherever you are while you’re reading this, consider a summer sports camp for your child, especially if your usual sports practices and games are on pause for the summer.

Summer sports camps come in all shapes and sizes, prices and lengths. Figure out where your child is at in terms of interests and commitments and figure out the best type of camp. 7 Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Sports Camp for Your Child.

Regardless in what you decide, here are some of the benefits summer sports camps can provide for your child.

Social development

Camp typically introduces all different types of people to one another. Kids come from all over and typically the same with counselors and coaches as well. By immersing your child into a camp with new people, this will provide a great opportunity for your child to interact with new like-minded or different kids. Socially, there are a lot of ways for kids to develop at camp. From acts of team bonding, leadership activities and communication strategies, kids are actively engaged in social environments. This summer is particular important socially as kids have spent so much time indoors and away from others during the pandemic.

Healthy habits

Camp is typically consistent, meaning it happens all day or maybe half-of-a-day for a certain period of time. For many kids, this is a good introduction into healthy habit building. If your child is attending a sports camp, there’s a good chance the day is structured around the sport, recovery, reflection and more playing. This is a a wonderful way to immerse your child into daily health habits as well as balance.

Learning variety

In a lot of schools, learning styles are pretty much solidified or tied to the school’s curriculum. At camp, because it is a melting pot of kids from all over, there are typically more opportunities to learn new things in a variety of ways. One example is hands on learning and visual learning. At camp, there will be times where you get to see a coach show something then try it yourself. Additionally, there will probably be visual learning opportunities as well whether that’s group meetings, team pow-wows, etc. The benefits of learning through a mix of different ways and by different teachers and coaches will prepare your child for many years of education ahead.


Sports camps typically specialize in a specific sport or skill, and for a serious youth athlete this can be a great chance to build a foundation and map out a plan for development. At a specific sports camp, you will get to interact with coaches who are experts in that sport which will let your child fully see the picture. If nothing else, camp can provide the building blocks for a sporty future ahead.

Relationship building

The friendships kids can come away with camp with are usually the most memorable moments of all. Kids meet new friends at camp and sometimes those friendships last a lifetime. Even if your child is a fan of individual sports, sometimes camps offer a chance for your child to see other kids his or her age playing the sport as well. Whether you play a solo sport or a team sport, relationships are vital to success in any sport or skill longterm.

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