3 Ways to Keep Kids Active During Holiday Breaks

Your young athlete’s training schedule might be on pause for the holiday, but that doesn’t mean you need to sit still while school is out. In fact, staying active can be a wonderful way to bond as a family, not to mention keep your child sharp for the rest of the season.

Here are three fun ways you can keep your kids on their toes during time off.

Take Up a Turkey Trot

These fun races usually take place the morning of Thanksgiving (if not the day after), and can range from a 200-yard dash to a gentle 5K. Most turkey trots are open to all ages and sometimes even four-legged friends. They’re a fun way to start the day as a family and connect with your community. Check out this list from Outside Magazine for 11 fun options, or visit active.com to find more events near you. You can even use TeamSnap to create an impromptu fun run with teammates around the neighborhood.

Connect with Community

Many community and recreational centers offer day camps for children through the long Thanksgiving weekend. Activities range from swimming and field sports to arts and crafts–and give kids the opportunity to stay engaged with others in their community. Some parks offer free outdoor events, and museums open their doors with free workshops. Check out activityhero.com to find options near you.

Take a Hike

The old adage is true: ‘Walking it off’ can help you feel better, especially when you do it 15 minutes after consuming a large meal. Whether you decide to hike in the woods or stroll through the neighborhood, a brief 15- to 20-minute walk has been shown to speed digestion and help regulate blood sugar. The added bonus? Walking gives you time to appreciate the outdoors with your family, providing yet another way to connect and stay active.

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