10 Signs Baseball/Softball Season is Back

The grass is green, the fields are lined and cries of “Here, batter, batter” fill the air. That’s right, baseball/softball season is back and in full force.

TeamSnap can help team managers and athlete parents remember practice times, refreshment duties and field numbers, but we can’t keep you completely sane. Like you, we’re feeling the madness and came up with 10 ways you know it’s ball season again.

1. You no longer need that arms routine at the gym.


2. You forgot that “cleat waffle” wasn’t the pattern that originally came on your kitchen tile.



3. The neighbors stopped saying hi after you began only responding with hand signals.



4. Your minivan/SUV is no longer your vehicle but the team equipment locker.



5. Your budget for stain remover has tripled.



6. You thought a coworker raising her hand in the department meeting was starting The Wave. And you acted accordingly.



7. You know your kids are home by the trail of equipment from the front door to their bedroom. And you no longer care.



8. You give everyone you pass at the grocery store a high-five and a “good game.”



9. The bin by the front door no longer holds umbrellas. It holds bats.



10. You went looking for your registration and could only come up with a mountain of sunflower seeds.


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