10 Family Games and Activities To Do Outdoors

Board games and movie nights can be fun, but finding ways to do family activities outdoors especially when the weather is nice knocks monopoly out of the water. This summer, TeamSnap has come up with 10 games/activities that you and your family can enjoy in the great outdoors.

Bocce: Who doesn’t love bocce? This is a great opportunity for parents to show their kids a classic backyard game. You can play with 2-8 players and just need a small open space to get started. Get ready to toss the ball and for a competitive match

Giant Jenga: Nothing like a game of jenga. Show your children a classic game that may be remembered by many as being played at a bar, and bring it outside. There are giant jengas that are perfect for family activities outside in the yard.

Corn hole: Get everyone in the family involved by a game of corn hole. Make teams or have everyone for themselves!

Make-shift obstacle course: This could be on your child or kids to set up. Make the backyard, front-yard, porch or whatever your situation outside is into an obstacle course. Grab some lawn chairs, hula hoops, and encourage your children to get creative. Race through the course.

Hacky Sack: Practice your soccer juggling skills with a game of hacky sack!

Any pick-up sport: Play a family game of basketball, soccer, volleyball, you name it!

Hop-scotch: Grab some chalk and make your own version of hop-scotch. This is something the whole family can enjoy and the kids are sure to get a laugh out of the parents hopping through.

Four square: Similar to hop-scotch, to make a four square game, all you need is some chalk.

Sack race: A classic camp game, but all you need for this are long pillow cases or potato sacks! Hop through the yard and make all the neighbors wonder how they can have so much fun.

Tug of war: Challenge neighbors and other family members to a game of tug of war. Grab a long rope and pull on!

Summer activities can help keep your young athlete refreshed, active and in a good mental space. Create memories while enriching your kids’ summer with accessible activities the whole family can get involved in.

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