Why to Consider Adding Waitlists to Your Registration Process

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Youth sports are vital to the physical and mental well-being of our children. Ask any youth sports parent about the benefits. That’s why it’s so important for us, as sports organizers, to keep our programs as accessible as possible. Adding waitlists to your registration process is a valuable way to accomplish this goal. 

TeamSnap for Business shares three reasons to consider adding waitlists to your next registration season. 

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#1 Enhance Your Ability to Manage Registrations

Registration season can be a stressful period of time on the youth sports calendar. Especially if you don’t have the right tools. 

All youth sports organizers are looking for better ways to manage their registration process. TeamSnap’s registration system, only available on TeamSnap for Business, is a powerful way to make your registration more flexible, integrated, and accessible for every member involved. 

And now with the enhanced waitlist offering, sports organizers have even more ability to manage their registrations. Even when capacity limits are reached, you can ensure every family continues to have a seamless experience.

#2 Registration Waitlists Help Continue the Growth of Your Community Hub

Youth sports organizers often use their programs as a pillar or hub for their community. The benefits of youth sports are seemingly endless: fostering relationships, teaching life skills, developing character, and so much more. 

Waitlist programs allow sports organizers to stay in touch with families who are interested in joining. Even if these families miss a specific season, they’ll remain feeling connected to your organization with regular updates, information about upcoming events, and other relevant information.

#3 Set the Future of Your Club/League Up for Success

Waitlists are also key to growing your organization season after season. With the enhanced offering, sports organizers can plan and adjust accordingly to the growing popularity of their programs. Will you need more teams, leagues, coaches, volunteers next Fall? Keep track of that information by staying updated on your waitlists. 

Additionally, you’ll keep these families invested. Whether a spot opens up this season or not, the families will remain connected with your organization and engaged for the next registration process! 

Waitlists Now Available on TeamSnap Registration 

TeamSnap is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our elevated registration solution, waitlist capabilities. This powerful new feature empowers administrators with greater control over registrations, enhancing your ability to manage registrations, even when capacity limits are reached, and ensuring a seamless experience for both registrants and administrators.


  • Administrators now have the flexibility to enable a waitlist when a registration option reaches its capacity limit.
  • Administrators can effortlessly oversee the waitlist through existing registration reporting with new filters specifically for waitlist order.
  • This feature allows you to stay informed about the number of waitlisted participants, their details, and their status within the waitlist.

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