The Ultimate Checklist: What to Bring When Running a Sports Tournament

Running a sports tournament for your youth sports organization has numerous benefits.  Tournaments help diversify your programs, bring in additional revenue, and are often the highlights of youth athletes’ seasons. But these events take great preparation and organization ahead of the event, especially on tournament day.

Wake up, it’s day one of the tournament. How can you ensure you’ll have everything you need for the big day? With this ultimate checklist, of course! Here’s exactly what you’ll need to bring when running the administrative duties of a sports tournament. 

What to Bring When Running a Sports Tournament 

#1 Technology for Your Sports Tournament Management Software

  • Laptop/Computer to run your sports tournament management software 
  • Mobile Phone
  • Reliable internet connection 

#2 Registration Capabilities  

  • Should be connected to your tournament management software
  • Digital forms, FAQs, etc. 
  • Other laptops to support last-minute registrations 

#3 Tournament Documentation and Paperwork

  • Rulebook for the tournament
  • Individual team rosters and schedules
  • Player and staff waivers
  • State sheets, scoring books, etc. 
  • Contact information for teams and officials

#4 Safety Equipment: Including First Aid 

  • First aid kit
  • Ice, bandages, etc. 
  • Display signs for emergency help: fire extinguishers, etc. 
  • Cones, boundary markers
  • Any protective gear and equipment
  • Safety nets and barriers (if applicable)

#5 Facility + Sports Equipment (Don’t Forget About Your Sponsors)

  • Equipment specific to your sport (bats, balls, helmets, pucks, etc.)
  • Goals, hoops, bases, nets, field lines
  • Scoreboards and timing clocks
  • Sponsor materials (boards, flyers, signs, etc.)
  • Backup equipment in case of damage

#6 Communication Tools

  • Microphone or public address (PA) system
  • Radios and other communication devices for officials/volunteers
  • Phone/Laptop charging stations
  • Other signage for announcements/rules

#7 Tournament Merchandise + Souvenirs 

  • League/Organization/Tournament t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, other merchandise for sale
  • Display materials for merchandise booths

#8 Food!

  • People will need to eat! 
  • This is a great way to continue funding your tournament as well 

#9 Media Setup 

  • Cameras and other technology for streaming/highlights
  • scorekeeping software
  • Social media for live updates
  • Charging cables, power strips, tables, etc. 

#10 Prizes for the Winners!

  • Get your winners that trophy they’ve always wanted!

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