How To Choose the Right Football Management Software for Your Club

Finding the right tools for operating a youth sports program is essential, especially in a competitive landscape like the sport of football. That’s why sports organizers are taking advantage of football management software solutions. 

But, how do we find the right solution? Here’s a quick how-to guide on choosing the right football management software for your club. With numerous options available, picking the right solution is key to success. Think about picking your quarterback or linebacker: an instant tone-setter on either side of the ball. 

How to Choose the Right Football Management Software for Your Youth Sports Club

#1 Identify the Needs of Your Football Organization

The first step in choosing the right football management software is a quick look at your organization. Administrators should align the software needs with their board members and consider a few factors: 

  • What are the age groups and skill levels of your league? 
  • What type of budget does your organization have for a software solution?
  • Do you have a list of priorities the software must accomplish for your organization? Maybe this is seamless registration, help with sponsorship, roster management, communication tools, or all of the above?

More and more youth sports organizations treat themselves like businesses. They operate with a growth mindset – setting each season up for tremendous success. Adopting that mindset is a huge advantage to running your everyday operations smoothly. And just like any business, youth sports organizations are in need of the right tools at their disposal. 

#2 Pay Close Attention to Accessibility and Ease of Use

This factor is actually two built into one, but it’s a simple question to ask of your potential football management software solution. Is the product easy to use, for you and your members? Also, will the product be accessible to your entire organization? From the administrators to the coaches to the athletes’ parents. 

Look for football management software that makes your life easier. Any software may have a slight learning curve, but the idea is for your organization to hit the ground running. A good football management software will offer proper onboarding and assistance in getting your programs running. 

Accessibility can also take on a few meanings. We want everyone in our organization to have access to the tool, whether that’s the administrators running registration and setting out schedules, the coaches running the day-to-day communication efforts and other operations, or the parents using the tool to sign up their future football stars. 

But, accessibility can also mean providing convenient ways for players to get involved. Does the software’s registration system offer things like waitlists, payment plans, and coupon codes? Is there a sponsorship feature to help kids get better access to sports? These are a few factors to consider. 

#3 Prioritize Registration

Any football administrator knows that registration is arguably the most stressful time of year. Why? Because it’s the most important factor in setting up your season, coaches, players, and parents up for success – in addition to the long-term growth of your organization. 

Football organizers should prioritize registration capabilities when choosing football management software. Your league won’t operate to its full potential without streamlined registration and payment processing. A seamless registration is often the first touch point of every new season and the best way to set up your season for success. 

#4 Look for Complete Program Management: Rostering, Scheduling, Communication, and More

Program management is a cornerstone feature of many football management software solutions, but that proves just how important these features are. Football administrators should look for a solution that offers complete program management: handle all of your rostering, scheduling, communication, and more in one easy-to-use platform. No more running from platform to platform to handle daily, operational tasks. 

Other Areas to Consider: Sponsorship, Tournaments, Websites

Some other areas to consider with program management include features like sponsorship, tournaments, and help building a website. A good football management software will help with all of these areas. Sponsorships are an important way to add financial support and cash funding to your organization. Tournaments are a unique way to diversify your season’s programming, and building an efficient website is key to your growth. 

Looking for more ideas on adding financial support and cash funding for your sports organization? We’re hosting a live webinar, Youth Sports Fundraising 101: Step-by-Step Guide to Raise Money with TeamSnap. Sign up today!

#4 Support and Onboard Training

Heading into the football season and looking for the best football management software, you’ve covered a lot of tasks. You’ve considered your budget and organization-specific needs. You’ve drawn up a wish list of features and capabilities the software should include. Now what?

Often overlooked, don’t underestimate the importance of continued support and onboarding from your new software partner. The solution should offer A+ levels of support and help get your season’s up and running from the start of this new partnership. 

#5 Track Reviews and Recommendations

Looking for one last check before you pick a new football management software? Don’t forget to track reviews and recommendations from other youth sports organizations. These experiences are a great insight into what your future relationship with the new football management software will look like. 

TeamSnap for Business: Built For Your Football Organization 

TeamSnap for Business is the right set of integrated tools for your youth sports organizations. Our central hub accomplishes all of the above tasks, including some additional and valuable capabilities: 

  • Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Website Builder
  • Tournaments
  • Sponsorships
  • …and more! 
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