5 Ways to Find Balance During the Holiday Rush

The holiday season is a busy time of year for most, but for the sports parent, it can feel downright chaotic. There are countless social obligations, school functions and potentially complicated family dynamics–all of which can make finding balance (and sanity) a challenge. Fortunately, it is possible to enjoy all that this wonderful season has to offer, and here are five ways to help.

Simplify Life

Try a meal delivery service so you don’t have to worry about cooking for the family when you get home from games and practices. Put your bills on autopay to take tasks off your plate–and your mind. The less you need to do, the easier it will be to get through the holidays stress free.

Prioritize Commitments

Between social obligations, team sports and family duties, your commitments can start to add up fast. And while it would be great if you could be in two places at once, learning to prioritize your commitments and say “no” is a crucial part of keeping your sanity during this busy season. Decide which functions are important and which can be missed to avoid being overwhelmed.

Set Boundaries

Know your limits when it comes to work, family, friends, etc. It’s OK to say ‘no’ to anything that causes stress. You don’t have to please everyone at the expense of yourself. Setting boundaries and knowing your limits when it comes to finding balance between family, work and parenting will help you keep your head in the game.

Take a Time Out

Take a mental health day if you can. It can be a day for you to enjoy some quiet time by yourself in a quiet house. You could also take a day off from sports activities to enjoy the season with your family. Explore local shops, ice skate, or pack the kids into the car at night to drive around and look at holiday lights. Be sure to enjoy the highlights of the season.

Create Routine

Getting into a routine will help keep things flowing even when you’re busy. Take some time in the morning for yourself before the rest of your family gets up. You can meditate, write in a journal, go over to-do’s, listen to music, read, exercise–the list goes on. Do whatever gets you focused and feeling good first thing in the morning.

Taking care of you before you take care of everyone else will help keep your mind in balance. Get your family into an evening routine too. Make sure all clothes and sports equipment are set out in advance. Planning ahead will make the mornings run more smoothly when you’re getting everyone out the door.



Alison Kresta is a lifestyle writer who loves to cover all things health, fitness and wellness. When she isn’t writing, Alison spends her time coaching soccer, or with her 6-year-old son and their dog, Missy. Most days you can also find her teaching indoor cycling, training fitness clients, working out or doing anything outdoors.

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