Making the Difference

I love messages like the following, which I just received today:

“Hi Dave, I’m not sure if this email address is reaching you, Dave Dupont, CEO of Teamsnap. If it is, I just want to tell you how nice it is having a receptive audience from your staff to listen to my ideas to make Teamsnap better. I found Margaux on your company’s Facebook page, and she responded to me immediately. She provided excellent Customer Service, and she should be applauded for it.”

Neil B – Fremont, CA

The effort that Neil took, actually hunting down my email address to give an attaboy to one of our employees, is a testimonial to the goodwill we are creating with our customers.  It is exciting to know we are providing that kid of value and to be working with people who have that kind of commitment.  No wonder we are growing so fast.

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