Tennis Club Comes Up Aces With TeamSnap

Kenwood Golf and Country Club offers one of the largest and most comprehensive private country club tennis facilities and programs in northern Maryland. Founded in 1928, members enjoy year-round indoor and outdoor play, as well as a full range of social, instructional, and retail pro shop services. 

John Huffstetler, director of tennis at Kenwood, has been with the club for a decade. A lifelong lover of the sport, John cultivated a culture of respect, sportsmanship, and effort; a philosophy that has been passed down from the older players to the younger kids every year. No stranger to winning, the team took their league’s championship from 2014 to 2018.

Managing such a large team can be overwhelming. From scheduling multiple events, meetings and matches, to communicating weather delays and messages, even the most organized coach may still find their mind racing at night: Did I remember to tell Andrew’s parents about Friday’s match? Did every parent accept the calendar invite? Do all players and parents know this season’s schedule? When can I get a full night’s sleep?

Ironically, it was the parents who asked John to try TeamSnap. The club’s swim team has enjoyed TeamSnap’s team management features for years, and the tennis players’ parents requested that John implement the same resource for the tennis team. After seeing how helpful TeamSnap can be for team management and keeping everyone up to date, John happily obliged. 

We use TeamSnap to keep everyone informed about our upcoming junior matches and events throughout the summer time,” says John. “It’s a terrific organizational tool for any team.”

The weather in Maryland can be finicky, and sometimes it’s impossible to predict when practice needs to be rescheduled. Thanks to TeamSnap’s messaging feature, John can easily alert players and parents of last-minute changes.

Last week, we had a storm come in out of nowhere just 30 minutes before our practice started, and we were able to quickly get the word out via TeamSnap and cancel,” says John.

In addition to communicating easily and quickly with the team, John also schedules and organizes events and matches with TeamSnap’s scheduling feature.

“It’s very easy to set up events and organize the calendar,” says John. “The layout makes it easy to set up the calendar and to view. Our parents love how easy it is to stay up to date on everything happening.”

Play on, Kenwood!

Whether it’s tennis, soccer or chess club, TeamSnap has you covered. You play it, we support it—from youth and adult teams to recreational and competitive teams, to everything in between. Log in or sign up to add your team now.


Lisa Hope is a product marketing manager with TeamSnap and a marketing professor at the University of Florida.

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