Team Profile: Waunakee Warriors Track & Field

Heart. Sweat. Drive. Agility. Speed.

These are some of the words that describe track and field athletes, and these are just some of the qualities exemplified by the athletes of Waunakee Warriors Track & Field team. 

We talked to booster president, Anne Donarski, who has been with the boosters since her son’s freshman year, and head coach Jen Grabarski, who has coached the team for twenty years, to learn more about the heart of Waunakee Warriors Track & Field and how they use TeamSnap.

How would you describe the team morale? 

Coach Jen: We have a great team spirit! It is very much like a family. The athletes work hard, but they have a great time while also being successful. 

Tell us about the team. We hear you have quite the talent on your roster!

Coach Jen: We have about 130 athletes each year. Our girls and boys have won a number of conference championships. We always have a large group competing in the state meet, and we have several state champions.

How do Waunakee Warriors Track & Field use TeamSnap? 

Anne: We use TeamSnap as our communication and scheduling tool. We also have all photos saved on the site so anyone can access them.

How does TeamSnap make your lives easier?
Anne: The ability to communicate with the team via the app! TeamSnap is great for last-minute communication of meet changes. The chat feature really gets the word out quickly. Also, scheduling resources for track meets and sending out communication to the team and their families about important events.

What is your favorite feature about TeamSnap? Why?
Anne: We love the assignments tab! We can assign resources at each meet, and then use the app to communicate with athletes. In the past, we could send 10 emails and they wouldn’t read any of them; but now, one chat through the app gets their attention!

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Lisa Hope is a product marketing manager with TeamSnap and a marketing professor at the University of Florida.

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