How TeamSnap Helped Save a Robot

Underwater robots? No, we’re not talking about the next Marvel movie.

Christian Brothers Robotic team dove into underwater robotics in 2018. With an all freshmen skeleton crew, they entered their first competition against 27 other teams in the Monterey Bay regional tournament. New to the field, the young team expected nothing but an amazing experience. Needless to say, they blew away the competition and walked away with third place.  🏆🎉 In 2019, the recently expanded team won first place at the Cal Maritime Regional Tournament.

Gary Chu, the team’s mentor, introduced the robotics team to TeamSnap as a resource to streamline communication and scheduling.

“Before TeamSnap, we had trouble reaching out to every student,” says Chu. “Kids do not check email or read text. Several members also do not check the school Website consistently for updates. But, they sure know how to use a phone app. Now I can reach everyone with just a quick post on TeamSnap.”

The robotics team utilizes chat and TeamSnap Live! to keep team members and their families updated on announcements and last-minute emergencies.

“The chat feature is my favorite,” says Chu. “It allows me to communicate with all team members, and at the same time, keep communications transparent so parents can monitor.”

TeamSnap’s chat feature came to the rescue in a serious emergency. The robot was leaking, and the team needed to get together quickly to create a solution. Instead of relying on texts or emails that could go unread, Chu utilized the TeamSnap chat to engage with all team members simultaneously. Utilizing chat, the team planned the time and place for the emergency meeting quickly and efficiently, with real-time messaging. We are happy to report the robot was saved!


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Lisa Hope is a product marketing manager with TeamSnap and a marketing professor at the University of Florida.

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