How North Stars Travel Soccer Wins On and Off the Field With TeamSnap

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For most people, keeping track of a team that plays locally is time-consuming, maybe even overwhelming. But, add in traveling to multiple states, and you need to be an organizational wizard. That’s just who Tennessee North Stars head coach Spencer Shimon is.

The North Stars are a competitive travel 3v3 youth soccer team, consisting of some of the area’s top youth players. Traveling to five states in 2019, and more in 2020, top-notch communication and organization are essential for this fierce soccer team.

“TeamSnap is our digital team manager,” says head coach Spencer Shimon. “The app allows coaches and managers to quickly send information, track events, collect dues, organize the schedule and set the roster.”


Features That Save Time & Score Big Points

Spencer relies on so many features within TeamSnap to manage his youth soccer team, and save him from organizational headaches.  TeamSnap’s Roster feature allows him to store all his team’s contact information in one place, instead of having to carry clipboards with spreadsheets or lists of people’s information around with him from practice to practice and game to game. TeamSnap’s Messaging feature to get the word out to parents about last-minute alerts, which is very important when on the road.

“TeamSnap is our main source for scheduling and sending communications to the team. Being able to make an adjustment to a scheduled game and have TeamSnap send out the alert is critical, especially when the correct field is on the opposite side of the park.”

Instead of having to save spreadsheets and documents season after season for their records, Spencer is able to keep all of the team’s information in TeamSnap season after season. TeamSnap’s archive feature allows teams to keep locations, rosters, and other information from previous seasons to reference the next season.

The North Stars’ team motto is “Winning with dedicated effort” and TeamSnap is happy to support the North Stars in their journey to build character and leadership among their athletes.

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