Zach Gardner Is A TeamSnapper

photo-14Up next on New Employee Monday is Zach Gardner.  He joins our development team on the league side, working to make our league products better.

He is a master of both Rails and iOS, and likes to amuse himself by doing things like scaling an API to handle 3k requests per second, building several top-50 iOS games, and just playing around for the sake of science. Just like you do, we assume.

Zach is a long, tall Texan who lives on the Ft. Worth side of the DFW Metroplex. He rides from Texas to enforce the law! He’ll drop the occasional “y’all” into conversation, but that’s about the extent of his accent.

He spends his free time climbing, running, gaming, and chasing after his cat Goose. He’s also addicted to Thai, Vietnamese, and Chipotle. So if you see him wandering around your servers, please feed him.

(He also likes to make silly faces).

Welcome, Zach!

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