TeamSnappers Talk: Meet Corey Condardo

Ask any TeamSnapper what they love about their work and you’ll hear a common answer: “The people.” And since we spend a massive amount of time connecting with our colleagues, we thought we’d introduce them through our TeamSnappersTalk series.


Meet Corey Condardo, a senior software developer who, when not working on the latest and greatest for TeamSnap, spends much of his time chasing his two kids around parks and playgrounds with his wife in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. “The rest of the time I’m planted on the couch watching sports (Go Patriots!), playing board games, or managing my slow pitch softball team. Thankfully I’ve got TeamSnap to make that easier!”

Condardo credits his parents for his interest in multiple sports. (And we’re talking multiple: He participated in baseball, hockey, football, wrestling, and golf as a kid). “My parents were always involved in organizing various parent-teacher groups and sports teams,” he says. “My dad was also my baseball coach, so I got to see firsthand how painful phone chains, map-books (remember those!?), and paper handouts could be.”

Here, Condardo shares a few details on what it’s like at TeamSnap behind the scenes, and what he’s looking for in potential colleagues.

What do you look for in a superstar teammate?

Someone who has empathy for our customers. We build products for everyday people in order to make their lives easier, so understanding why we’re doing it is super important! Have you played a sport? Have you coached? Have you organized people? These types of experiences are super helpful.
A commitment to continuous learning is a huge one, too. We want all of our people to constantly be growing. We try to build a culture of learning and opportunity here, and it really shows as time goes by, and as folks continue to grow into new roles and responsibilities.

What advice would you give those interested in working at TeamSnap?

Working remotely is an amazing opportunity, but it doesn’t come without some challenges. Be ready to build an internal brand, reach out to everyone (on Slack or via video on Zoom), and really build deep relationships.
I can honestly say I’ve built some of the deepest work relationships of my career at TeamSnap, but it doesn’t come without work. While you’re working remotely, take advantage of the trust and autonomy you’re granted. Take a walk, have lunch with your partner, or just hit the gym in the middle of the day. All of those things can really increase your output through the week.

What’s your favorite perk at TeamSnap?

The learning budget we are given is an amazing perk! I can read all of the books I want, lowering the barrier to continuous learning. I’ve bought video courses, audiobooks and more. I’ve even taking training courses to get certified in the latest best practices in software development process.


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Sheila Repeta is TeamSnap’s Director of People Experience. When she’s not recruiting and helping TeamSnappers, you can find her running on streets, trails, after her children, or off camping and backpacking.

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