TeamSnappers Talk: Meet April Eastburn

Ask any TeamSnapper what they love about their work and you’ll hear a common answer: “The people.” And since we spend a massive amount of time connecting with our colleagues, we thought we’d introduce them through our #TeamSnappersTalk series.

TeamSnap’s Customer Experience Manager for Sport Organizations, April Eastburn often has her hands full. The Idaho-based mom of two manages her daughter’s competitive soccer team and splits her time between games and her son’s Taekwondo matches. “The soccer team is how I originally became involved with TeamSnap, and I would NOT have been able to manage the team without it,” she says.

Eastburn’s family has three dogs and recently added a new puppy to the mix, and she enjoys curling up with all of them when she’s not running between practices, or enjoying the Idaho Shakespeare Festival and Boise State football games. “I have season tickets to both, LOL,” she laughs. She happily juggles it all — along with her role at TeamSnap. Here’s her inside take:

What is the one thing that makes TeamSnap different from the competition?

Everything we do is for our customers. We love hearing from them and understanding what features we could create to make their lives easier. Each group uses our product just a little bit differently, too, so there is always something to learn that we can then share with other customers. We also have a number of non-sports-related groups and organizations that use TeamSnap. It’s amazing to see how versatile our product can be, and how much our customers embrace it and rely on it to simplify their lives.

What is the most unlikely partnership you’ve struck to get work done at TeamSnap?

Working in customer experience and support gives us the unique opportunity to interact with all the other departments in the company. What makes TeamSnap so unique is that everyone openly embraces customer experience. In a typical day, I may interact with the product team, and provide feedback on a new feature, and then have a chat with our development team about an issue a customer is encountering. Then I might work with marketing colleagues on communication needs for an upcoming announcement or newsletter.

What advice would you give people who are interested in working at TeamSnap?

Come prepared to work harder than you have probably ever worked before — but also come prepared to have a ton of fun! TeamSnap’s flexible culture really allows you the autonomy to work at your own pace and focus on making sure you maintain a healthy work/life balance. It also gives you the chance to really step up and push yourself in ways you might not have before.

TeamSnap employees are driven by passion, and the company provides countless ways for you to apply that in your work. There are no ceilings at TeamSnap unless you create one for yourself.


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Sheila Repeta is TeamSnap’s Director of People Experience. When she’s not recruiting and helping TeamSnappers, you can find her running on streets, trails, after her children, or off camping and backpacking.

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