A Year of Learning: An Intern’s Take on Working at TeamSnap

As a University of Colorado Boulder junior looking for real-world experience at a growing company, I jumped at the chance to work for a company at the intersection of sports and technology in downtown Boulder. After interning on the TeamSnap Marketing Team during the 2014-2015 school year, I feel like I’ve learned a lot—not just about marketing, but about how to run a business.

As a finance major, it was a bold move to pursue a marketing internship, but since I want to start a business of my own someday, I know the importance of learning a variety of skills and getting startup experience. As a marketing intern, I worked on several projects related to social media analytics and content creation. I participated in creative brainstorming on how to grow TeamSnap and make it better. I felt my ideas were heard in our meetings when I spoke up, and the team provided insightful advice whenever I needed help.

During my internship, I helped create the TeamSnap Wall of Smiles, as well as a video about What Makes A Winner. The latter involved using kinetic typography to demonstrate what it takes to be a real team player. I created the video with AfterEffects and other tools while Kyle Massa, another intern, wrote the script. I learned about creating a high-quality company video and the correct procedures for collaborating between several teams. This persistence and drive for perfection are great lessons for me to build from for future projects. It’s amazing that I was given the opportunity to take charge.

In addition to working on creative projects, it was empowering to learn new data analysis skills as well. I analyzed Google Analytics data and other big data trends to recognize what works with our customers on social media and what doesn’t. This skill is useful for any entrepreneur because it allows them to avoid speculation and make decisions based on data. I also learned how to improve Search Engine Optimization, the process of increasing your content’s chance of being found through search engines, for specific web pages and for YouTube.

goodluckcakeProfessionalism, organization, design and collaboration were other intangibles that made this internship a winner. I learned that a distributed team can still be an efficient one. It was a new experience to work with collaborative tools like Asana and Google Docs, where we could simultaneously edit projects in real time while in different locations. We even used Google Hangouts video conferencing to work with our co-worker in Croatia!

After interning at TeamSnap, I want to start a company where the culture is special. Everyone at TeamSnap is friendly; I never felt like I was coming to work when I walked into the office. The desks are more like incubators than cubicles. We have one-minute workouts in the afternoons, and it’s always funny to see everyone (including myself) struggling with squats, jumping jacks or other movements. You also gotta love a company where your boss treats you to beers on your last day. The little things matter.

Because of TeamSnap’s challenging work, I’m ready for the full-on workforce after senior year. TeamSnap, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of a product that empowers others, and thank you for empowering me.

Interested in interning at or working for TeamSnap? Check out our careers page; if there’s not a position that fits your skills, simply apply under General Interest!

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