5 Interesting Facts About TeamSnap

If you’re reading this, you already know TeamSnap is the household name in team, club and league management. With 20 million customers, we are the No. 1 app that organizes the active lives of all ages and levels.

But did you know TeamSnap practices improv comedy? Or that we’re a bunch of digital nomads? Read on for five facts about TeamSnap.

1. We love to laugh. It’s in our DNA. Co-founder Andrew Berkowitz not only performs improv comedy, but he teaches and directs with ComedySportz.

“The skills an improv troupe uses in performance—listening, accepting, being in the moment and rolling with the unexpected—are the exact same skills that we use at TeamSnap to run a fast-paced, ever-changing business. We do applied improv training at TeamSnap to help us say ‘Yes and!’ to working together better,” Andrew says.

It’s Andrew’s passion and expertise that led to company-wide improv training and performance workshops at our annual team retreat.

2. We love to sweat. From OrangeTheory and hiking to Ironman and skiing, we are a group of adrenaline-hungry athletes who like to work hard and stay fit. If it’s an activity that includes the outdoors, we’re hooked.

Team favorites include hiking, skiing, running, yoga and mountain biking. Several of our teammates run marathons and participate in Ironman, and, of course, we love to coach sports, too.

3. We love animals. With over 100 dogs, dozens of cats, birds and reptiles, it’s safe to say we’re a tiny bit obsessed with animals. But…dogs are definitely at the top.

4. We love to travel. Consider us nomads. Not only are we scattered all across the United States, but we take every chance possible to see the rest of the world. From the Sahara to Vietnam and everywhere in between, we want to experience it.

5. We love all activities. We’re not just fitness junkies. We’re Girl Scout troop leaders and chess club managers. Here’s a fun fact: Not only does the TeamSnap app work with all sports, we also support everything from book club and scouts to robotics and debate team.

So, if you’re enjoying TeamSnap for your sports team, let us help you with your activities. Log in to your account now to add another team or group.

There you have it. Five super awesome facts about TeamSnap! We work every day to simplify the lives of coaches, administrators, players and parents by taking the headache out of participating in and managing group activities. TeamSnap gives families more time together and helps people get fit. What can we say? It’s nice to go to work every day knowing we’re helping to make the world a better place.


Lisa Hope is a product marketing manager with TeamSnap and a marketing professor at the University of Florida.

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