Why Lacrosse Organizations Choose TeamSnap For Sports Management Solutions

Registration should spark excitement across an organization. It represents new seasons, new players, returning players, and a program’s growth.

Unfortunately, registration has the reputation for being a stressful part for youth sports clubs to manage. At TeamSnap our goal is to simplify the process for your organization so this sign-up period is full of excitement around the part that we all love: playing.

TeamSnap has become a sports management solution for lacrosse organizations across North America. In January alone, lacrosse had +83% registrations through TeamSnap. The sport continues to grow all over the world, meaning players are looking to register for new teams and organizations are trying to grow their programs.

Belles Lacrosse Program, located just outside Philadelphia has teams at the 2022-2028 levels, with the plan to add a 2029 team this year. The club provides its players the opportunity to grow as athletes and individuals, all while fostering a love for the game.

Eric Anthony, who volunteered to get the club up and running outside of his full-time work in finance, recommended TeamSnap to get the club’s registration in a good place.


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“I’ve been using TeamSnap off and on for six years, first as a parent for my son’s lacrosse program, and now that I’m more involved, for three different clubs,” Eric said. “Before, with the registration process, it was frustrating. It was completely inefficient. Now, having a single registration point integrated with TeamSnap is huge.”

Before Eric brought TeamSnap to the forefront for Belles Lacrosse Program, the club was importing from one for to another and manually entering entries for registration.  “It became a total nightmare.” Now, registration, communication, scheduling, and payments are all in one place.

If you visit Belles Lacrosse Program’s site today, they have integrated TeamSnap as a registration platform for parents and athletes to sign-up for tryouts and various tournaments.

Similar to Belles Lacrosse Program, Predators Lacrosse uses TeamSnap for registration across all of their boys and girls programs. Predators Lacrosse is based in Westchester, New York and is an elite lacrosse program that prides itself on training the next generation of players while helping them to discover and enjoy the game. The staff is made up of former elite lacrosse players that came together based off their mutual love and respect for the game. In an effort to give back to a sport that gave them all so much, they built a program that now develops some of the country’s top recruits.

When Tom Interlicchio, Program Director and Recruiting Director for Predator Lacrosse came across TeamSnap for the first time he couldn’t believe the scalability of the product.

“We started this lacrosse business 10 years ago and it started with one or two teams, and it was just like a side gig,”  Interlicchio told TeamSnap. “It really wasn’t anything we thought would kind of you know, really take off. Fast forward 10 years later we’re up to like 14, 15 boys team and 7 or 8 girls teams. None of this, I really mean none of this is possible without the scale, the scalability that allows us to know and proceed with.”

TeamSnap has been able to be a home for Predators Lacrosse that continues to grow. Another important feature that TeamSnap has streamlined for lacrosse programs, is the verification process through US Lacrosse. TeamSnap proudly integrates with US Lacrosse to verify all of your club’s lacrosse players for the season. With this integration, there isn’t any longer a worry about completing registration only to find out some of the players’ identifications aren’t up to date.

TeamSnap and US Lacrosse lets you to verify your registrant membership with US Lacrosse within your registration form. This ensures that those players with expired or soon-to-be expired memberships can update them pronto.

[TeamSnap Makes Verifying Your US Lacrosse Membership Easy]


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