The Essential Youth Sports Registration Checklist

Sports registration can be one of the biggest challenges for sports organizers. But, it’s also the backbone of a sports organization’s growth. When you’re able to track down a seamless registration process, the entire health of your sports organization prospers. Seamless registration = more athlete signups = league growth!

How exactly do we accomplish this? TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues has a great checklist to make sure your registration process is streamlined before you press open on those forms.

Below are a few highlights of TeamSnap’s registration checklist.

The Essential Youth Sports Registration Checklist

#1 Decide on Your Sports Registration Team

Who is in charge of building the form? Where will the form live? Who will collect what information? This is all information you’ll need to have handy before you get started on the process.

#2 Outline Your Registration Process

This includes things like: What information do you need to collect? This could be anything from jersey size to emergency contacts or specific health waivers. You should also consider what your fee structure will look like for the season. And, what technology can you use to host your online registration?

#3 Build Your Registration Form(s) (Including Payment Accounts)

You’ve already got everything mapped out! Now make sure all that information is inputted when building your account. This is also a time to set up your payment collection. If you’ve already added a master payment account, add it to your form. If not, set one up before adding it to the form! 

Want to read more? The full TeamSnap registration checklist can be found by heading over to our resource library, or clicking the link below.


TeamSnap’s registration checklist is far from our only resource on youth sports registration. Our resource library also has access to the All-In-One Online Sports Registration and Payments E-Book, as well as a recorded demo of TeamSnap’s registration system.


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