Why Softball Organizations Choose TeamSnap for Management Solutions

Diamond Softball Club was looking for a solution that would be a long-term fix. The organization prides itself on running year-round and in doing so developing strong, confident, independent women. Diamond Softball Club needed a management solution that could grow and cultivate the development needs of the players and coaches involved.

“Before TeamSnap, I had like 16 different systems,” said Alison Rossi, the club’s director. “As one person running a club, it was a complete nightmare. Because I work in technology, I knew that we had to find something that we could grow into, adding features as everyone adopted the tool. We started with email and communication, added rostering and uniform size management, and then integrated the website into the full solution.”

Alison and the Diamond Softball Club were looking for a solution that would organize and manage all of the club’s aspects. They wanted to find a way to avoid mass and general emails and actually target teams and specific groups. Alison was also looking for a platform that all of the coaches, volunteers and players could easily use and love.

The solution

  • Switched to TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues for an all-in-one management platform
  • Consolidated individual distribution lists and messaging apps into one central tool for instant communication from a phone or computer
  • Adopted an intuitive and streamlined tool for club and team management

The results = a home run

“TeamSnap had to become our system of record. As soon as we went live, coaches had to communicate on here. Kids were going to communicate on here. Everybody was going to use this. I had to have one place where I could get everything. I wanted TeamSnap to be the engine that helped us grow. And it’s worked!”

  • Installed a complete solution that’s become the engine to help the club grow
  • Significantly cut down on the time spent running down contact information and working across apps, trading hours of administrative work for more time with the kids
  • Equipped coaches with an easy-to-use tool that lets them spend more time coaching

Other softball organizations choose TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues for management solutions, like Elite Athletic Softball. Elite Athletic Softball is just a part of a greater organization, Elite Athletic Training & Consulting, a baseball and softball club and training organization started by a former baseball pro who spent six years with the Minnesota Twins organization. With so many programs within one, the organization needed to find an all-in-one solution that would make managing several different programs, and sports efficient. When Elite Athletic Training & Consulting integrated TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues, they saw their softball program develop both from an organizational standpoint, but also from a development standpoint for the players and coaches.

Chris, the founder of Elite Athletic Training & Consulting, has been extremely pleased since making the switch and his members have also felt the benefits, “I had one of the parents say, ‘Hey, this was way easier than what we were using before, hopefully, it’s easier for you to set up too.’”

His answer:


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