One Key Marketing Concept Your Organization Should Take Away From This Pandemic

Marketing during this current global crisis is, to put it simply, challenging. 

Many organizations have significantly lowered their marketing budgets. Large global brands are promoting ads that have the exact same messaging as each other. And marketers around the world are wondering if anyone will even care about what they have to say. 

Whether you are a marketer or a sports leader, the answer is yes, people will care about what you have to say. And it could be the difference between filling your rosters or players flocking to the club next door.

So with that, here is one key marketing takeaway from this pandemic. 

Marketing is not about the services and programs you offer. It’s about providing value, and a positive impact, to your audience.

What’s that even mean?

A lot of what marketing has become is promoting a service or product that you are offering customers. In the world of organized sports, this means promoting programs, seasons and camps.

Does this sound familiar? 

Knope Athletic Club is an elite organization based in Pawnee, Indiana. We offer youth recreational and competitive programs for all ages and skill levels. 

Register now for our Fall 2020 season! 

What this pandemic has forced all companies and organizations to do is think carefully about how what they put in front of someone delivers value to them. This could be an online or print ad, a flyer, a blog post, an email, or even your website. 

When a parent, coach or participant sees it, what are they getting out of it? 

Although this way of thinking is necessary during our current situation, it is what will help set your organization apart even way after Coronavirus has come and gone. 

Talk about benefits

So how can your club do marketing that provides value and impact? 

Think about the program or service you are offering and ask yourself, so what? 

You’ve opened up registration for the Fall 2020 Recreational program. So what? 

If someone was reading an email or flyer about registration being open, what benefit are they getting out of it? 

How about that the Fall 2020 season helps get kids back to what they love? It gives an opportunity for participants to learn teamwork, it’s a great way to get physical activity and exercise, it’s peace of mind for parents who are worried about keeping kids productive after school, or it’s a way for participants to socialize and be with like-minded people.

Let’s get kids back out onto the field to enjoy what they love, get some much needed physical activity, and back to a routine that they’re used to.

Knope Athletic Club offers elite programs for kids in Pawnee, of all ages and skill levels, to learn teamwork and connect with other enthusiastic players. Our coaches bring an average of 10 years of experience, with over 50% of them speaking multiple languages—making sure your kids have the guidance they need to succeed. 

Register now for our Fall 2020 Recreational season! 

And this is just a simple messaging change.

To go above and beyond, find ways to deliver true value right then and there. 

Market value, not programs and services

Knope Athletic Club’s goal is to fill their Fall 2020 rosters. One way to do that is to promote registration using benefit-first messaging, similar to above.  

Another way to up their marketing game, and knock it out of the park, is to put something in front of their audience that provides value on the spot. 

Let’s say they are trying to convince parents that Knope Athletic is the best place for their kids to learn the skills needed to develop their game. 

They could simply say this in a flyer, an email or on their website. Or they could share out a handful of short skill videos that allow kids to start mastering some techniques, while also demonstrating the training and development they’ll get if they participate in the Fall 2020 season.

With these videos, the club not only promotes their organization, the upcoming season, and the experience of their coaches, but they provide instant impact and value for the audience. 

Up your marketing game

So next time you are promoting your club, a program or a camp, ask yourself, how is what I am sharing providing value to the audience. Is there a better way of demonstrating your point than just saying it? More importantly, can you demonstrate your point in a way that provides an impact right away? 

This is the best kind of marketing, during this pandemic and beyond. 

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