How TeamSnap’s Fundraiser Can Help Clubs & Leagues Achieve Their Fundraising Goals

We know youth sports can be expensive. That’s why TeamSnap offers sponsorship and fundraising opportunities to youth sports organizations in our network. We wanted to give a special shoutout to Lawrence Little League for taking full advantage of the opportunities we offer. Lawrence Little League is a 350-player baseball league from Lawrence Township, NJ. They recently raised $11,536 through the TeamSnap fundraiser program while the league’s families didn’t spend a single dollar on this fundraiser! 

We recently spoke to league president Paul Alfieri to understand his keys to successful fundraising. Here’s his advice to any organization looking to emulate them.

TeamSnap Fundraising

1) Get Organized in Advance

Communicate the ultimate fundraising goal to your families before the fundraiser opens. This includes what they should expect and what you expect from them throughout the process. 

2) Make Your Ultimate Goal Tangible

Offer compelling incentives to your families to get them excited about participating. This might be a free uniform, discounted registration, or subsidized tournament travel costs.

3) Communicate Progress Regularly

TeamSnap and HundredX provide daily updates that show how much you’ve raised – sharing these updates with your families is a great way to keep them engaged and show progress towards your ultimate goal. You should also have a communication plan that doesn’t rely solely on data. Paul used daily reminders that included photos of the players from a previous year to show participants the emotional side of what they are funding.

4) Create Individual Competition

Youth sports families are competitive – use this to keep yours engaged throughout the program and eager to invite people outside your league to support you. Awards for “Most Adults that Complete 75” or “Most Participants With At Least 10 Completed” help keep parents motivated and expand your fundraising base!

5) Celebrate a Win

Schedule a celebration of some kind for the end of the fundraiser and hype it to your families! Give them something to look forward to from the start and watch them make progress towards your goal. In the end, regardless of what your total is, enjoy a party and let them feel the accomplishment. 

Congratulations again to Lawrence Little League for a great fundraiser! If you’re a youth sports organization interested in learning more about the TeamSnap fundraiser program please click here to express interest and connect with a member of our team.

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