6 Ways To Attract Top Coaches To Your Youth Sports Club

A good coach is critical to the success of your organization, team, and player development. Coaches keep programs running smoothly and continuously oversee that all participants are safe. So how do you ensure your club is attracting the top talent? Here are some of the best practices sports clubs and leagues can utilize to help them hire and retain talented coaches.

  1. Get the word out that you are looking

You will never find the best talent for your team if you do not share, share, and share. Prioritize getting the word out about your interest in a new coach. These days, there is ample opportunity to leverage the digital space for your benefit. Share about the opening on your website and create several social media posts to promote your need. Encourage existing coaches and team members to spread the word, and even offer their own recommendations for the job. 

  1. Share your club’s values and mission statements

A good coach is one who first aligns with the core values of your youth sports league. Your team mission statement is the heart of what you do, and is an excellent way to convey and spread your vision. This starts by owning the values of your club each and every day, both on and off the field. Coaches want to work somewhere that the mission resonates with them, so clearly express these values across your website and on social media. Ideally when the coach comes in for the initial interview they are already aware of the club’s mission and values.

  1. Market your club’s strengths and wins

Each team has different strengths, so be sure to share just what makes your youth sports club unique. Your club’s strong winning record can be a good selling point for a potential coach. Don’t shy away from sharing wins outside of just records as well. If your club has a track record of supporting coaches continue their education that’s also a win. Mention all of the highlights and wins to candidates early on in an evaluation. Additionally, promote your victories on your website to use as advertising. 

  1. Show them how existing coaches are valued and supported at your club

A coach should bring ample knowledge, guidance, and leadership to your team. However, what can you do for your coaches? How does your club differ from others in terms of support, continuing education programs, and leadership guidance offered to coaches on staff? If you cannot easily name three ways that your club sets itself apart, consider making some adjustments to team morale.  

  1. Bring them along for practices

Take into account that coaching isn’t a job that is easily portrayed on paper. Before you make the final cut, and fully make an offer just by looking at a resume, propose an in-person evaluation. Invite the coaching candidate along to shadow a club event/practice. Watching a practice or a game gives the candidate a good idea of the team(s) dynamic as well as presents opportunities to express ways that they could fit into the program.

  1. Make them feel welcome and part of a community

First and foremost, your club is a community. As you bring in candidates, don’t forget to highlight the camaraderie of the team and overall club. Use the fun events you host as a selling point, and make a note of special team traditions. Even though the last two years presented challenges across youth sports, speak about the Zoom get-togethers, socially distant team runs and all the way your club stayed connected during the hard times.

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