5 Signs It Might Be Time To Switch to TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues

Growing your sports organization can be a busy and complex undertaking. For early-stage or smaller clubs, leagues or associations, there’s a lot to accomplish; you need to appoint a board, find coaches, form teams, create values and mission statements and align on club processes. One important factor all sports organizations will eventually need to consider is the point at which they’re ready for a digital club or league management tool.

Ideally, your club or league will grow, and you want to be ready for when this happens. As your organization grows and evolves, your sports management solution should be able to scale with you. TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues was designed to help growing sports organizations like yours, by providing a single solution to manage the scheduling, communication and registration needs of sports organizations of all types.

Here are some key indicators your sports organization may be ready to transition from TeamSnap for Teams to our club & league sports management solution.


You need to consider the size of your organization

How many teams are there, and roughly how many players belong to your organization? A club or league solution might be overkill if you have 3 teams or fewer in your organization. We find that younger sports organizations that have at least 4 teams or approximately 75+ players have higher adoption and success rates with TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues as they are able to take full advantage of the features designed for multi-team organizations.


You need a way to run online player registration

Does your organization run registration year over year, or season over season? Have you traditionally managed registration in person and on paper but are now looking for something digital? Needing to run online registration on a per-player basis is another indicator your club or league might be ready for a sports organization solution. Online registration makes it easy to collect information from your players online, including contact information, registration documents, electronic waivers and season fees.


You need a way to communicate with multiple teams or groups at once 

Struggling to manage email aliases or text chains to communicate with the right group of people? TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues allows administrators to communicate with multiple teams at once, from one place. Send messages to just coaches and managers, your board of directors, or a single team.


You need to generate custom schedules for the season for multiple teams in your organization

Bogged down by Excel spreadsheets trying to create a balanced schedule for all the teams in your organization plus the surrounding areas? A solution that allows you to generate and build custom schedules for multiple teams at once may be a huge timesaver for your board and coaches. Even if you don’t need to create the schedule by hand, consider a solution that allows you to easily import existing schedules into the platform and copy it across all teams in the account quickly and easily.


You need a way to collect payments in one place across multiple teams

Registration and payment collection go hand in hand. Managing payments in a variety of channels or tools can cause a major headache for your treasurer and/ or registrar. TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues allows your administrators to collect funds online, to be deposited into a single bank account and tied to a player, invoice and registration form. TeamSnap Payments in our sports organization solution also includes robust financial reporting to help your treasurer balance books with ease.


Does one or more of these signs apply to your organization? Then TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues might be for you! Schedule a demo today.

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