3 Steps to Creating a Team Mission Statement

Youth sports club/team leaders have an immense responsibility to represent the heart and soul of the organization. Clearly defined goals help create the space needed for a sound understanding of your mission. This begins with creating a team mission statement. Your mission statement is a powerful part of establishing your role in the community. It serves as the driving force for all other brand-oriented decisions and impacts the types of individuals who join your group. Here is a three-step approach to creating a team mission statement:


1. Highlight the importance of a mission statement.

The ideal mission statement creates a sense of unity and security for all involved in an organization. It represents the very core of your brand and attracts individuals of the same mindset. The three components of an effective mission statement articulate the values, purpose, and goals of your organization. Additionally, this message should inspire passion within your youth sports club or team. When creating a mission statement, ask yourself these three questions: 

  • What does your organization do?
  • Who does your organization serve?
  • Why do you do it? What is your purpose?

The answers to these questions will help drive the focus of your mission statement and narrow your overall vision. A clearer picture of your purpose allows you to craft a concise and effective mission statement. 


2. Plan a mission statement building activity.

A common goal unifies groups and brings people together with a tangible sense of purpose. Naturally, creating a team mission statement should also foster a sense of collaboration and community. Bring in your sports club or team leaders at your next board meeting and include them in the brainstorming process. There are a variety of interactive ways in which you can call upon your team for their creative advice. You can start by inviting participants to share key words or phrases that they associate with your brand. 

Once you have a decent list, open up the floor for experimenting with various combinations using the selected terms. Ask for different testimonies on each team members’ interpretation of your organization’s core goals. These exercises mix up the creative process and open up the door to potential new ideas. Set aside some time at the current or next board meeting to vote on the mission statement of choice. 


3. Share your mission statement.

Once you have the perfect mission statement, it is time to share it with your community. This involves getting the word out there about your youth sports team’s goals and values. A strong mission statement creates a solid understanding of your group’s ultimate purpose. If you are using email campaign software, consider writing a special email newsletter about your new mission statement. Add your mission statement on social media in your club/team profile and include it in key parts of your website. All board members and team leaders should consider adding the mission statement to their email signatures to practice continuity. Actively sharing your mission statement ignites a renewed passion for the reason you are doing this in the first place! 

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