How To Sponsor A Youth Sports Team


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Youth sports can be one of the most effective local marketing channels, which is why brands are now wondering, “What’s the best way to sponsor a youth sports team?”

At LeagueSide, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to plan, manage, execute, and measure youth sports sponsorships from working with hundreds of brands sponsoring thousands of sports organizations across the country. 

Youth sports are central to family life in America.

65% of families participate in youth sports programs—that’s about 60 million participants on the field today. And participating children spend an average of 12 hours per week on their sport. There’s no better way to reach highly engaged families during the happiest moments of their week.

So, who should sponsor youth sports? 

Studies have shown that brand loyalty is 88% higher for brands when they support community initiatives. We’ve found these types of sponsorship campaigns to be most effective for: 

  • Companies in highly competitive industries
  • Companies that value community engagement and loyalty, or have goals related to brand perception
  • Companies that want to reach families and have a presence in the suburbs

Watch our free webinar to learn how to effectively plan, manage, and measure your local sports sponsorships in 2022.

We outline our best practices for managing community sports marketing initiatives and share recent case studies of brands utilizing local sports sponsorships to achieve their marketing goals while getting more kids on the field.

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