We’re Changing Our Name … And Our Focus

As an avid sports participant, you know that sometimes you have to roll with the punches. The referees don’t show up. The field is underwater. Maybe somebody forgot to bring the nets. At TeamSnap, we’ve always operated under the same principle, so when we received surprising news from our lawyers last week we decided to make the best of what could have been a bad situation.

When the company was incorporated, an error at the Colorado Secretary of State’s office recorded our official company name as “TeamsNap” instead of “TeamSnap.” You’d think this would be an easy mistake to fix, but as our lawyers dove into the situation, it turned out to be not so simple. By doing business under a legally false name, we could potentially be subject to a class-action suit from our customers demanding their money back. It would cost us tens of thousands of dollars to unwind the mistakenly-registered name, and we would potentially have to re-register our trademark in each of the 50 states, and more than 90 countries, where we do business.

So after careful consideration, we’ve decided to alter our branding to do business as “TeamsNap.”

Needless to say, our product focus is going to change considerably. Instead of being a comprehensive solution for managing your sports team or group, we’re instead going to focus on products and services to help teams get the sleep they need — before, after and especially during the game. Recent scientific research into athletic performance has shown that sleep — more than diet or exercise — is the number-one factor in muscle growth, speed and overall physical health [source]. By becoming the nexus for teams’ sleep training, we believe we’ll be offering a service that is unique in the industry.

When you log into TeamsNap today you’ll see the following changes:

  • The Tracking Tab has been renamed Sleep Tracking, and is used to track the number of hours each member of your team sleeps during the day. You can set a target number of hours, as well as different hours by position (for example, right fielders traditionally need fewer hours of sleep than center fielders).
  • Refreshments is now REM-Freshments, and lets you sign up to bring nap-specific items such as pillows, warm milk or Best of C-SPAN DVDs.
  • The Team Store tab is now the Team Snore tab, and lets you purchase customized sleep paraphernalia with your team logo, such as footie pajamas, bedspreads or teddy bears.

We’re sure that you’re going to love the new TeamsNap. It will have all the great usability and ease-of-use of our previous product, TeamSnap, and be the fastest, easiest way to ensure that your team or group gets all the sleep that it needs. We look forward to your feedback on the debut of TeamsNap 1.0!

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