Verifying Your US Lacrosse Memberships with TeamSnap

At TeamSnap one of our core missions is to constantly improve our products. As such, we have a very special announcement for organizations insured by US Lacrosse.

Girls' LacrosseI’m pleased to announce that TeamSnap now integrates with US Lacrosse to verify all your players for the season!

Once you switch this feature on, your registrants will be prompted to enter their US Lacrosse identification number into your TeamSnap registration form. Valid members will proceed with registration as usual; those with expired registrations will be prompted to update them with US Lacrosse. Additionally, our system detects registrants whose IDs expire before your season ends. We’ll help you work directly with US Lacrosse to get things squared away.

This is a much-desired feature for many of our customers. We understand the frustration of completing an entire round of registration, only to discover someone’s identification isn’t up to date. Previously, it would’ve taken extensive legwork to determine whose IDs needed refreshing. This integration eliminates these issues, saving you tons of time in the process.

In addition, we feel that this integration greatly streamlines the registration process and reduces risk by ensuring all your players’ memberships are valid for the entire season. It’s about more than just efficiency—it’s about peace of mind.

We’re thrilled to be working with US Lacrosse, one of the premier national governing bodies in the United States. In addition, we can’t wait to see how much our customers enjoy this new integration.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit our TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues homepage. Enjoy your season!

Kyle Ries is a lead developer at TeamSnap. When he’s not cranking out exciting new features, you’ll find him hiking, biking, playing ice hockey and participating in scavenger hunts.

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