TeamSnap Named 16 in Outside Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work List!

No one wants to start the workday full of road rage, then be subjected to stomach-turning lunch smells coming from a co-worker’s desk. How can you expect to get any work done when your boss loves Broadway show tunes and leaving her office door open?

Instead, how about coffee and emails from a wooden pier overlooking a pristine lake, virtual meetings from atop a 10,000-foot mountain or telecommuting while keeping an eye on your kids? Do you work better when you have an adorable puppy sitting on your lap? Whew! Glad we’re not the only ones.

One of the reasons TeamSnap was ranked 16 in Outside Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work List is because we give employees the flexibility to work from wherever they want, whether that’s their backyard, a state park, a coworking space or a traditional office.

When poolside benches, snuggly kittens and any number of inspiring things become a normal office environment, you might be amazed at the amount of work you get done! We think people do their best work in supportive, cooperative environments. At TeamSnap, that means collaborating with co-workers all over the country in many different time zones. Unconventional? Maybe. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let’s take a look at some of the many ways TeamSnappers define “office.”

TeamSnap employees love to get out there. We hike, boat, run, bike, swim, you name it. One of the greatest things about the TeamSnap culture is the ability to work those hobbies into our daily routine!

mountain office

“This is Lyons, CO, with Longs Peak featured in the back right. Lyons is a mecca for bluegrass, mountain biking and river sports. That view is from by back deck and dining room where I conduct work from home.” – Abe Bergan, sales manager

pier office

“Heading to the office.” – Matt Hopson, Javascript developer

Peak Office

“Office at 10,000.” – Mark Evans, support engineer

zen office

“My kitchen office overlooks the Boston Harbor Islands. When I feel stressed or can’t figure out the right words to use, I take a few deep breaths and watch the boats cruise by. I work from a few different spots in the house, but I gravitate to this one the most.” – Kat Burke, PR/communications

One of my favorite “take advantage of TeamSnap’s benefits” memories so far this year has been visiting my mom in FL where I was able to work with this amazing view for a couple of days, complete with a pirate ship! - Terri Schmier, director of product management

One of my favorite “take advantage of TeamSnap’s benefits” memories so far this year has been visiting my mom in FL where I was able to work with this amazing view for a couple of days, complete with a pirate ship! – Terri Schmier, director of product management

We love our pets almost as much as we love the outdoors.

When Stephanie Myers from TeamSnap’s Marketing Team decided to move from Austin to Memphis after purchasing her first home, she didn’t worry about taking tons of time off work to move. Working remotely allowed her to tackle all the research, phone calls and paperwork that came along with buying a house on her time. Now that she’s settled into her new place, she’s picked out a few spots for her home office.

lapcat office

“I usually mix up where I work throughout the day. I use a sitting desk, a standing desk, the dining room table, the kitchen counter, the patio table and the couch all as work spaces. Whichever one I use though, there’s usually a cat using it with me.” -Stephanie Myers, senior marketing manager

Bill and Stout working hard

“Here’s my current workspace with my new adopted puppy. He’s a Black Lab, Beagle, Pointer mix. His name is Stout (like the beer). We also have a cat named Oatmeal so it just seemed to fit. When it’s nice, I like to work on our back porch and let him run around or sleep on my lap.” – Bill Dingwall, visual designer

Puppy in the office

“Latest home office. It’s too cold in NY to work outside, so this is my best indoor location. Bonus points for catching Phoebe sleeping by my desk.” – Annmarie Ziegler, Android developer

Many families struggle with how to manage childcare when parents work full time. Having a flexible work schedule and the ability to work from home alleviates some of the stress and challenges that come along with raising a family.

Self-proclaimed introvert Bria Jones makes her office in Vancouver, WA. She knows working remotely can be challenging, especially for those who are perfectly happy working from an unlaundered cocoon of pajamas and blankets. Bria recommends creating a daily routine to stay on track with work projects and to ensure some fresh air and outside time finds it’s way into each day. Bria’s home work space allows her to spend time with her children and four-legged friends throughout the day.

baby-side office

“I love this space for many reasons, one of them is that my fiance and I customized my desk with parts from Ikea following an idea I found online. Another is that as you can see, my infant son Asher gets to hang out with all his baby gear right next to me while I work. Not pictured is his jumper and a playmat that he rotates around to throughout the day. My desk faces out to our backyard, so I get a nice view while I’m working. Also not pictured are my two dogs and my two cats, the kitten joins me while I work by helpfully sitting on my computer and/or right in front of my screen. Those are just some of the reasons my work space is awesome!” – Bria Jones, QA tester

poolside office

“Here’s a pic of what I lovingly refer to as my ‘summer office’ 🙂 It allows me to work outside and keep an eye on my kids when they are in the pool with friends. Or just enjoy the beautiful view and a great breeze (when there is one, lol).” -Jenn Southan, director of customer experience

 And some folks keep it fairly traditional.

TeamAndroid working hard.

“Here’s some of Team Android’s current office.” – Mackenzie Powers, Android developer

And once a year, all 70 employees get together in the mountains of Colorado, where we make our office with each other, planning, socializing and laughing. Check out this highlight video to see what our office for that week looks like.

To see more TeamSnap offices, follow us on Instagram.

Kathleen Burke is a writer and communications consultant for TeamSnap. She doesn’t have any pets or children, but she once worked from a pool deck at a mountain-side villa in Saint John USVI.

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