TeamSnap Wins Award for Best Mobile App

We’re not ones to toot our own horns (at least not too loudly), but we did want to let you know that your favorite team management app placed second in the Best Mobile App Awards last week!

badge-silver-award-winner-2015TeamSnap was awarded the Silver Medal in the 2014 Best Messaging/Communications App, which honors “bar-raising apps that allow people to communicate and socialize in new and interesting ways.” Judges look for apps that are easy to use, addicting and offer users unique methods of getting in touch with each other. Sounds just like us, right?

We’re always pleased to win awards, but we’re even more pleased to hear positive feedback from our customers. You guys are the ones we’re working for! We’re looking forward to another year of bringing you new features and new ways to interact with your team, like the almost-here TeamSnap Live!

We’d love to know what you think TeamSnap does best. Tell us in the comments!

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