Sports Activities Returning Quickly Across Most Canadian Provinces


In partnership with Under Armour, TeamSnap has released new Canadian data that shows youth and recreational sports activities are returning much quicker than expected across most provinces. 

We have seen a significant surge in activities being scheduled across Canada in July and August as teams and organizations return to play. The increase is attributed to teams and sports organizations offering compressed training schedules and doubling up on certain activities as provinces open up after the COVID-19 shutdown.  

With the increase in activities, Canada is now mirroring levels in the United States where the resumption of sports began in April and May.  

The Return to Sport Index is based on a mix of anonymized user data along with national projections from partnering sports organizations. The data is presented as a percentage to provide province-by-province and sport-by-sport trends across Canada compared to the same 28-day period in 2019.

Key Canadian Findings

  • All provinces have seen a dramatic spike in youth and recreational team sports activities being scheduled in July and August 
  • The majority of the activities scheduled (80%) are classified as “practices” or “skills sessions” with 20% listed as games and tournaments.
  • While July and August are traditionally slower periods for youth sports, many teams and organizations have compressing schedules and doubled activities and training to make up for lost activities from the COVID-19 shutdown.
  •  Outdoor sports Baseball and Softball have highest number of events scheduled across Canada
  • Indoor sports show the lowest Return to Sport Index, with Basketball at 54.5% 
  • Hockey has a Return to Sport index of 102% compared to traditional activity in July

The interactive site will also include a number of supporting resources and tools from the Aspen Institute Project Play, Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the PLAY Sports Coalition. Sports organizations, teams, athletes and families can use the site to share local information, insights and personal reflections on their own return to sport. Updates will be available at

UA’s latest innovation, the UA SPORTSMASK, illustrates unwavering commitment to athletes and teams, putting their health and safety first while adhering to current CDC guidelines. Together, TeamSnap and Under Armour are tracking the Return to Sports across the United States and Canada. We’re here to help you to stay up to date on when sports are returning to your area.

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