Now You Can Organize Everything With TeamSnap Assignments

Who’s bringing the post-game snacks?

Can anybody work the registration table from 1-3?

We need a volunteer to keep score.

Who can set up the goals before the game?

If you manage a team, you probably ask these questions (or similar) every week. Getting organized isn’t just knowing the schedule — it’s also making sure dozens of tasks are taken care of.

Luckily, wrangling volunteers and getting everything done just got way easier thanks to TeamSnap’s new Assignments feature, available on all paid plans. We’ve taken TeamSnap Refreshments, turbocharged it with new capabilities, and made assigning tasks and organizing volunteers a piece of cake. For instance, you can now assign somebody to bring cake.

On the web, you’ll find the Assignments tab where Refreshments used to be. On mobile, view any game to see or add its assignments.


Team managers can set up all the tasks for the team, from bringing equipment to working volunteer shifts to taking photos. Assign players and parents to each task, or let people sign up to volunteer. Players can also volunteer to bring or do anything, even if it’s not set up as a specific task. It’s a powerful, flexible and easy way to make sure everything gets done.

Open Assignments

Because this is built on top of our old Refreshments feature, all your existing refreshment data is still there. Whether you were previously using Refreshments to track orange slices or who’s bringing the plastic orange cones, it all still “just works” in Assignments.

TeamSnap customers have organized millions of refreshments over the past few years, and with Assignments we can’t wait to see you organize many millions more of everything.

Now to go make sure somebody brings that cake…

Andrew is TeamSnap’s chief creative officer. He also works in product, business development, marketing and strategy. In his spare time, Andrew teaches, performs and directs improvisational comedy with ComedySportz.

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