Joining a TeamSnap Team is Now Easier Than Ever

At TeamSnap we’re all about saving you time so you can enjoy playing and coaching the sports you love instead of battling logistics. We recently rolled out an improvement which you may not have noticed, but that is already making our customers’ lives easier.

Softball players with coach in huddle doing team cheerIn the past, when you were invited to join a TeamSnap team, you would receive an invitation by email and have to take a series of steps to join the team. While this makes sense for new customers needing to create a TeamSnap account, we asked ourselves why we were making existing customers take action. And we realized … we don’t have to.

We call this new feature Auto-Accept, and our longtime customers have been enjoying it for the last few months.

If you are already a TeamSnap customer, when you get invited to join a new team you now don’t have to lift a finger – you’re already there. Just update any contact information and start playing. We’ll send you an email telling you about your new team, and if for any reason you don’t want to be on the team (like you’ve sworn off hockey in favor of ping pong) you can simply decline with one click. Simple. Fast. Effortless.

Multi-ethnic elementary or middle school students in school gym with coach playing basketball.We’ve also reduced a bit of the inbox clutter. Managers no longer receive an email when a player has joined the team.

It’s a simple change, but with millions of TeamSnap customers joining hundreds of thousands of teams, every few minutes saved add up. Auto-Accept is making it faster and easier for TeamSnap customers to get going with their new teams, and we think that’s a big win for everyone.

Please let us know how Auto-Accept is working for you and your teams. Based on your feedback, we’re constantly tweaking TeamSnap to make it as fast, easy and streamlined as possible.

Andrew Berkowitz is TeamSnap’s chief creative officer. He also works in product, business development, marketing and strategy. In his spare time, Andrew teaches, performs and directs improvisational comedy with ComedySportz.

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