Jennie Neusch Is A TeamSnapper

Jennie NeuschAt TeamSnap, one of the biggest keys to our success is our customer support team. These amazing TeamSnappers truly go the extra mile to make sure that you have the best possible TeamSnap experience. Today, we welcome one of our part-time support folks into the ranks of full-time TeamSnappers!

Hailing from Central Massachusetts, Jennie is one of our Legion Of Jennifers. She’s the mom of two amazing sons, two dogs, and five cats. Just like many of our customers, Jennie is a sports mom, and she’s quite familiar with everything that’s involved in supporting her boys in soccer, basketball and baseball (and theater, but she doesn’t use TeamSnap for that).

Jennie also completed her first Warrior Dash this past spring. Who knew that doing an obstacle course through the mud could be so fun?

We  recruit our support team from our user base, and Jennie is no exception. She logged into her TeamSnap account one day, saw that we were looking to hire part-time support folks, and came on board. Now she takes the next step!

Look for Jennie on those rare occasions that you have to contact TeamSnap support – she just might be the one answering your questions. Welcome, Jennie!

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