Introducing the Redesigned Roster Card

When we first built TeamSnap we wanted to give our customers the flexibility to keep track of all the information associated with a player—not just their own phone number and email address, but also the phone numbers and emails for mom, dad, and any number of family members. This flexibility has always made TeamSnap the best way for teams and teammates to stay connected.

This flexibility, however, sometimes made it confusing to know whose contact information belonged to whom. For instance, on a youth team, it could be tricky to figure out if the main phone number listed with a player belonged to that player or one of their parents.

So today we’re proud to introduce our redesigned roster card, which makes it much clearer whose contact information belongs to whom. It’s available now on our web app, and in our latest iOS and Android releases.



The new roster card separates personal information about a player (name, jersey number, birthdate, etc) from contact information. You’ll never wonder again if that email address or phone number belongs to the player or their parent, and you can still add unlimited contacts and family members, just like before. We’ve also made it clearer how to add additional family members.

Important: Because we preserved all of your existing data and moved it into this new layout, it’s possible that the rearranged roster card may now appear to show some duplicate or mislabeled information. Simply take a moment to adjust anything to your liking – you’ll only have to do this once.

It’s also important to note that all of your privacy settings remain unchanged. Anything that was previously marked private is still private.

We hope you find this new roster card easier to understand, smoother to use, and still as flexible as the old layout. Check out this support article for a more in-depth look at the new roster card.

Andrew Berkowitz is TeamSnap’s chief creative officer. He also works in product, business development, marketing and strategy. In his spare time, Andrew teaches, performs and directs improvisational comedy with ComedySportz.

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