Easily customize your Health Check questions on TeamSnap

Pre-event health screenings are now the new norm and will continue to be for at least the near future.

We launched TeamSnap Health Check for free to all customers back in August with the hope of making this new process and requirement easier. The 8M+ health screenings and thousands of positive comments we’ve received since show us that we’ve definitely lived up to our goal—but that doesn’t mean we’re done. 

Each local health department, region or governing body can have their own specific questions that need to be asked—in their own specific ways. Using standard questions that vary from that, no matter how close in context, will just not do. 

We’ve decided to address that issue head-on. 


Introducing custom questions 


Now, organizations using TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues can easily customize and set the Health Check questions being used across their associated teams.

So when your governing body, health department or legal advisors request specific questions and language, you’ll be covered. 

How do you get started?

Get started by logging into your Clubs & Leagues account and navigating over to the new “Safety” tab. You’ll be able to either edit any of the existing standard questions or add completely new ones.

It’s as simple as that. Once you hit save, those updated questions will begin appearing for associated teams and members using the most recent version of the mobile app.

If you’re not currently a TeamSnap customer and want to set up your sports organization, request a live demo of our platform. Or if you’re an independent team, talk to your club or association admin to see if this is something they can roll out across the organization. Not only will that unlock the ability to have custom questions but every one of your teams will save on the annual cost of a subscription.

Anand Patel is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at TeamSnap. He gets to soak up the beautiful Southern California sun every day and make his coworkers very, very jealous. 

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