Geoff Brodniak Is A TeamSnapper

geoff_brodniakTeamSnap is excited to welcome Geoff Brodniak to our team! He joins our operations group, tasked with keeping our systems running at peak performance, so that you can use TeamSnap to do the same for your team!

Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Geoff joins us from Rackspace, where he started working with the former Slicehost product, and transitioned to helping build the Rackspace Cloud infrastructure. He also has a passion for both playing and building video games, using his tech skills to work through the logic challenges particular to developing games. He also looks about a decade younger than he actually is.  It’s kind of spooky.

A longtime musician on guitar, bass and vocals, Geoff could formerly be found in bands around the St. Louis death metal scene (he will be teaching the rest of our ops team how to scream musically for several minutes at a time). These days, though, he enjoys learning about new technology, gardening and spending time with his wife, four cats and one dog. Don’t ask him about his favorite St. Louis-style ribs, though – he’s not a meat eater!

Welcome, Geoff!

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