Collections Are Easier Than Ever With TeamSnap Invoicing Enhancements

Managing collections for your club, league or association in one place just keeps getting easier with TeamSnap. Since launching invoicing, a TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues feature, earlier this year, we’ve been hard at work adding more functionality to help you efficiently run your sports organization, including:



  • Installment payments — Spread out payments for expensive fees and dues for parents and players who need a little more time to pay. And if folks need to update their credit card on their installment plan—after all, things do change—they now have the control to do that as well.
  • Outstanding invoice list — Families will see outstanding invoices when they log into the mobile or web app.
  • Flexible processing fees — You can choose to absorb the credit card processing fees for an invoice to encourage more families to pay online if you are so inclined. After all, getting folks to pay online reduces all the risks associated with asking coaches or staff to manage cash and checks, and it drastically saves you time managing deposits!
  • Manage invoice batches — You can cancel or delete an invoice batch as needed. You can also send reminders to an entire invoice batch, an easy way to make sure your sports organization gets paid.
  • Finally, we’re excited to announce we have expanded invoicing support to Canada!

Stay tuned for more invoicing features in the coming months, including payments and invoicing for TeamSnap teams. If you have any feedback for us, please keep it coming!

Stephanie Cipresse is a TeamSnap Senior Product Manager. When she’s not thinking about the collection of money she enjoys spending time with her family, yoga-ing, hiking with the dog and managing her kids’ sports teams with TeamSnap. 

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