Check Your Watch – TeamSnap Now Does Time Zones

Time zones are kind of dumb.

There. We said it. Why should you have to do math every time you need to know what time it is at your grandparents’ house? And if you’re trying to schedule a game for your travel team next month halfway across the country – well, good luck!

Unfortunately, despite some well-meaning advocacy to move to a standard world time, it looks like time zones are going to be with us for a while. So we figured it was time to do a better job of supporting them.

Time Zones

Now when your hockey team is playing a tournament in Argentina, you’ll show up to the rink at the right time.

Now, when scheduling games on the web or mobile version of TeamSnap, you can assign a time zone to the event. This is a Very Big Dealâ„¢ if you’re a travel team that frequently plays away from your home state. You no longer have to do kooky math shenanigans like entering the game’s start according to what time it will be at home, or having the game show up on your calendar offset by several hours when you actually get there. Time zones are dumb. TeamSnap is smart.

If you never play away from home, no harm no foul – your games will always default to your local time zone and you can safely pretend this feature doesn’t exist. In fact, you just blew two minutes reading this blog post that you could have been spending looking at cute animal pictures.

But if you travel to compete, you’ll be pretty happy to learn that TeamSnap now knows about time zones. Even the wacky ones that are offset by 45 minutes where everyone shows up 15 minutes early to everything.

As always, let us know how you like our new time zone support. It’s in the web app right now, and you should update your Android or iOS app to get it on your phone or tablet.

Andrew is TeamSnap’s chief creative officer. He also works in product, business development, marketing and strategy. In his spare time, Andrew teaches, performs and directs improvisational comedy with ComedySportz.

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